Thursday, November 25, 2021

Total Zeitgeist

24 November 2021

Her gift was to have

Friends who disliked each other

Ignored each other

Her sainthood from fear

Of being orphaned again

“I don’t want to talk”

For she might offend

Those of us so easily

Offended  micro

Chips of difference

Embedded in Brain, as he

Said it, Jakobson

I    stuck in wood desk

Giggled, lack of definite

Article    left side

Of Brain, right side of

Brain, its company we keep

Unable to see

Any traffic but

In front or behind, inner

Vehicles get lost

On roads, those nearer

Home moving far away    he

Pulled out a map she

Said, landing small plane

On Moloka`i and she

Wondered if he knew

One from another

Island partitioned by sea

Turtles, flying fish

Breaching whales, private

As our friend until the need

To breathe draws us out

“She drew me in,” he

Said, after she refused to

Talk    his voice breaking

At memory which is

Absence ill fitted with words

Like hammering nails

Where there are no boards

Old pianos ironic

Practice makes perfect

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