Friday, November 12, 2021

Loving Yourself Workshop


12 November 2021

How to love yourself

And then how to love yourself

More: font a loud pink

Flyer promises

Self-love swag bag, coupon for

Coffee, karaok-

E bra, howzit den

Life been treating you good or

Not so good lidat

Time for self-love bra

Time for sing the song major

Key, you know, happy

Kine sounds make happy

People, pigeons in the grass

Alas, myna on

Concrete, be concrete

Mrs. Katz told me, and not

To read Paton’s book

Was it the unfixed

Cleft lip (reader, I read it)

Or race trauma, old

South Africa be-

fore Mandela gave way to


Even the word has

Too many syllables un-

true haiku lengthened

Like a supply chain

Link broken by accretion

She’s finished her book

On cows, there’s toxic

Nature for you, food for thought

Methane gets you through

The night nattering

Raucous thoughts, she said, kept her

Up but only in

The sense of being

Awake, not woke like young kids

These days, purified

Water levels drop

Atmospheric river e-

vents erase cities

Full caldera of

Water, if the world ends in

Fire we can watch from

There: anthurium

Lit from behind, haloed red

Pencil sticking out

Come back again to

Image, let the background fog

“Leave me out of this,”

My son says, climate

Change like this early morning’s


Singing dogs follow

They love us and we love our-

selves, so deal with it.


Editorial response to Loving Yourself Workshop announcement.

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