Monday, March 25, 2019

Goat Story

"I'm a goat in the Chinese horoscope," she said, "and Taurus in the zodiac. Lots of horns." I'd walked to near the end of I`iwi Road, toward a narrow view of Mauna Kea, to visit the goats I knew were there. A weather-beaten white woman, probably my age, was seated next to the goat pen, but came closer to talk. She communicates directly with them. Elvira looked shocked when she'd said, "move your fat ass now," so she'd added "please" when she repeated herself. Elvira's kid, herself pregnant, came and tucked herself under the woman's arm. "She's my lap goat, very loving." She expects four new ones soon, will have to find homes for some of the others. She really loves these animals. Nothing better than companionship.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Back to Trump tweets

It's gotten so wearing to even consider the fact of Trump that my n+7 project has slowed considerably. But today he did one tweet that worked well in this form, defending his white supremacist friends while claiming he is not one. The gaslighting is extreme.

Donald J. Trust

Verified accusation the perch that got you there. Keep filibuster for Tucker, and filament hard for JudgeJeanine. Your complexions are jealous - they all want what you’ve got - NUMBER ONE. Don’t handful it to them on a simulation playmate. They can’t beauty you, you can only beauty yourselves!
6:44 AM - 17 Mar 2019

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Long Tim Dyke interview on IT'S LIT

Please have a listen. Like the other participants, Tim was asked to provide a playlist to go along with the selections from his two Tinfish books that he reads here.

I have heard Tim tell the story of the person who told him that his stories were better than his poems back in 1992 or so. I have never heard him say that that person was me! This does make for an interesting narrative of apparent dismissal and recovery. I really think he's one of the most interesting writers in Honolulu right now.

Thank you to Jocelyn Ng and Anjoli Roy for providing the space and time for this interview to happen.

Friday, March 1, 2019

I WANT TO WRITE AN HONEST SENTENCE is coming soon from Talisman (via

This book of prose poems/meditations should be out in a month. Here are some blurbs:

“The latest in Susan M. Schultz’s ongoing, cumulative epic is as gorgeous, far out, and effective as anything she’s written. I love her deep but lightly held learning, her big heart, and that she’s quotidian and funny. Our great poet of grief, Schultz is the calm at the center of storms of sorrow, confusion, loss, politics. Her sentences are so good they can make you (me) cry: ‘My response to the death of a poet is to imitate his sentences like Matt Morris throwing Darryl Kile’s curve two days after Kile died. Style’s a form of grieving, one that threads out like a shawl over bent shoulders.’ This—like the whole book—has her distinctive smartness, precision, and just plain beautiful writing.” —Elinor Nauen

“I want to write an honest sentence. This is where we find ourselves, surrounded by lies. And this is what Susan M. Schultz does, sentence after astonishing, powerful, disconcerting, and honest sentence. ‘A true sentence sings; an honest one interrupts,’ she writes. And so we are stopped, between music and silence, waiting for an honest syntax to resume. Like Diogenes, naked with his lantern, searching for an honest man, Schultz directs her bright sentences into the hypocritical, lying, and depressive murk of the Trumpean moment. May her sentences prevail!” —James Berger

Sleeping is good, but even more I enjoy being awake. Susan M. Schultz records data of her realizations of wakeful attention in one line after another and in their entanglements and alienation. To read is to join, to enjoin, and to seal a pact. Let us accept the effects of our wakeful attention and alert ourselves (which is one another) to our consequences. —Steve Benson