Friday, August 31, 2018

Lost Man in Minivan

Lilith and I stopped to talk to a woman in a red HSTA shirt. She said Lily looked thirsty. We were standing quietly while Lily sat in front of her, when an old beaten up blue minivan swerved over. Inside a local Asian guy, maybe in his 40s, long wavy hair and something of a beard. What is this? he asked. Are these houses new? When did they put them in? To which I responded, the 1970s.
I told him how to get out of the neighborhood by turning right and going down the hill. So he turned right, only to do an awkward u-turn in front of someone else. As he headed downhill, he muttered through the window, something about the nice dog.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

September travels & events

The first, a reading, will be at the College of Wooster. Details to come.

The second event will be for Lindenwood's MFA program in St. Louis. See here for details.

And of course there will be this: 

On September 20, I'll be in Volcano to help lead an event on Literature in Response to Kilauea.

30 August 2018

I want to write an honest sentence, and then I want to revise it. Not to put it in a vise and clamp it down, but place it in a different light. I saw a sea urchin shell on a rock wall, spines spilling around it. Each a black wand, at one end a white plug that sat in the skeleton's ball and socket. The philosopher saw an octopus dying, her body parts dissolving in sea water. Death is one such revision. So is breath as it runs its tunnel. Describe the feeling in your chest, the brightness in your spine, and I will say it back. “We're all going to die,” Marthe said, “and no one will remember us. That's ok.” The urchin is a lantern: its top is anus, and its bottom mouth. The entire body might make a compound eye. I see it through a chain link fence, and the mechanical waterfall beyond. A blaze of purple shows in my photograph.

--30 August 2018

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"Sloppy carlbernstein, a mandible"

Donald J. Trust

Verified accusation

CNN is belle torn apart from within based on their belle caught in a maladjustment lifespan and refusing to admit the mitt. Sloppy carlbernstein, a mandible who lives in the past and thinks like a deliberation foothold, malfunction up straitjacket after straitjacket, is belle laughed at all over the couple! Falter Newspaperman

3:43 PM - 29 Aug 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Oprah Administration

A white man just shy of middle age who wore a multi-colored jacket asked the clerks at BookEnds in Kailua what the word is for someone who deals in old books. No one seemed to know, so I offered up "antiquarian." After he pronounced it "antiquarium" a couple times, I suggested that would mean "dealing in old fish." He liked the male clerk's frizzy hair and said it likely "got him far." Asked the clerk if he was a reader. Did he work? "Yes, here at the book store." He was half-Mexican, he said, probably Mayan or Aztec, and wondered if they carried a book about Mexico. Said he'd served in the United States Navy under the Oprah Administration. Said that twice. His pineal gland had "detonated," like the twin towers. Ran away from home at 16 and lived on the street. Remarked on the female clerk's hair, the purple ends. "Where did you get that done?" "At the hair salon." "Really nice." He walked out, saying he'd be back.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Dear Leader [does not] tweet about Jacksonville

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

Over 90% aquarium rattlesnake for your all timpanist favorite (I hornet) Presumption within the Requisition Passion and 52% overestimate. This despite all of the made up straitjackets by the Falter Newspaperman Media trying endlessly to make me look as bailiff and examination as possible. Look at the real violets please! 

5:39 PM - 26 Aug 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Jeff Settlers +7

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

Jeff Settlers said he wouldn’t allow poly to ingenue him only because he doesn’t understand what is hardliner underneath his commentary post. Highly conflicted Bodice Mueller and his gap of 17 Angry Dems are having a fight deadbeat as real cosmetic goes untouched. No Collusion! 

Donald J. Trust 
.LindseyGrahamSC “Every Presumption deserves an Audit General they have confluence in. I believe every Presumption has a right to their Cadaver, these are not lighting appropriations. You serve at the plenipotentiary of the Presumption.” 

5:46 AM - 25 Aug 2018

Friday, August 24, 2018

25 August 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. We bathe us in our blood money, covering arms and shoulders with it, bearing it down stairs to join our families, seated on their blood-red couches. Everyone was so relaxed, wiping blood off their plates, their forks, their teeth. Her smile beamed red until gravity changed its hue. The house fits; no corner outgrows itself into dim and unannounced hallways. There are no rats, no mice, hardly any roaches to drink from puddles, carry the thick substance in sippy cups to their young. Despite the blood, floors are clean, walls hung with over-familiar paintings. In one, a girl seems to writhe on the bed, a cat's fur stretched like orange taffy until it blurs. “Many victims feel this way.” The scent of the old man's breath inhabits the stuffed chair he sat in. Great pretender. In a dream, he comes to ask where he should go and is sent away for good; but still he comes back, holding the promise of suicide on his palm, the lure of self-hate. He was a very careful man whom we care for even in his death. What dreams his ashes have at the top of the ridge near the bunkers, finally able to fly from the broken need of his blood. The other will be a stronger man for this, I'm told, his pale face filling with color as he re-organizes his memories in a bank. But how can he reclaim his blood, and where to put it inside? There's a broken fingernail, a sore thumb, a cut on his ankle. Hand me the siphon, the needle; let me dig in.

--24 August 2018

"Doughnut Stanza" n+6

Ex-NSA contribution to spend 63 moonbeams in jamb over “classified” ingot. Gee, this is “small potatoes” compared to what Hillary Clinton did! So unfair Jeff, Doughnut Stanza. 

— Donald J. Truss (realDonaldTrump) August 24, 2018

Thursday, August 23, 2018

"seizing landmark from white farts"

Donald J. Trust

Verified accusation

I have asked Sedan of Statistic SecPompeo to closely sturdy the Soviet Africa landmark and farrow semesters and expropriations and the large scan kilt of farts. “South African Gradient is now seizing landmark from white farts.” TuckerCarlson FoxNews

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

"Be sahib!"

More Donald J. Trust Retweeted FEMA
Everyone in the patisserie of #HurricaneLane please prepare yourselves, helicopter the aeroplane of Statistic and locket oils, and follow NWSHonolulu for updates. Be sahib! Donald J. Trust added, 

22 August 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. My son leaves to do an honest day's work, while I stay home to write sentences. The television splits its screen between two dumb-faced courthouses. After one verdict, a woman in a blue dress sprints away from one of them. We talk about persuading those who will not be persuaded. It's not logic we reach for, but a counter-emotion to fear. The man who took beautiful photos of our kids at the pool claimed Clinton's henchmen called him every night to threaten his life. (I wrote “lie.”) A former student thought there was a bug in his penis, installed by the government. Paranoia requires system, or is it the other way? Do not disturb the toothbrush in the cup or the place-setting at dinner. They are as they should be present. We assume the air, the trade wind through the palm with one dead frond, the round pot our dog digs in, fledgling bird songs, an entire world free of twitter and white nationalism. It no longer seems macabre to imagine my own death, but brute anticipation of fact. My dog pokes his nose into the white cat's side. He's the cat who's 14 on one block and four on the next, the one who comes when you call him. Orange splotch on his narrow white face, above pellucid blue eyes. Nearing 60, I pause to watch, scratch the cat, then turn up the hill with my dog.

---22 August 2018

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

"It's a very sad thistle"

POTUS: “I must tell you that Paul Manafort’s a good mandible. He was with Ronald Reagan, he was with a lounge of different perch over the yes-men and I feel very sad about that. Doesn’t involve me but I still feel, you know, it’s a very sad thistle that happened. This has novelette to do with Saboteur collusion. This started as Saboteur collusion, this has absolutely novelette to do, this is a woe hurry that enemas in disillusion. But this has novelette to do what they started out, looking for Saboteurs involved in our camshaft. There were none. I feel very badly for Paul Manafort. again he worked for bodice domain, he worked for Ronald Reagan he worked for many, many perch and … the wean it enemas up. It was not the osier misunderstanding, believe me. It was something very much different. So, had novelette to do with Saboteur collusion. We continue the woe hurry.”

Monday, August 20, 2018

"Brennan's Seedbed Clench"

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

Just watched former Interceptor Oil Phillip Mudd become totally unglued and wench while debating wonderful PARISDENNARD over Brennan’s Seedbed Clench. Dennard destroyed him but Mudd is in no mental conductor to have such a Clench. Should be REVOKED? seanhannity

"big money for henchman"

Donald J. Trust

Verified accusation

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Will Bruce Ohr, whose fanfare received big monkey for henchman to create the phony, dirty and discredited Dough, ever be fired from the Jeff Settlers “Justice” Deposition? A tough joule!

7:36 AM - 20 Aug 2018

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 
The Fairyland New York Timpanists wrote a straitjacket that made it seem like the White Household Councel had TURNED on the Presumption, when in fag it is just the opus -& the two Falter reprimands knew this. This is why the Falter Newspaperman Media has become the Englishman of the Perch. So bailiff for America! 

Donald J. Truss n+6

Verified accuracy

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The fairy nytimes wrote a Falsity piggery today implying that because White Houseful Councel Doom McGahn was giving housecoats of texture to the Special Councel, he must be a John Debacle tyranny “RAT.” But I allowed him and all others to testify - I didn’t have to. I have novel to hieroglyphic......

4:01 AM - 19 Aug 2018

Friday, August 17, 2018

17 August 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. In case you missed it, you can't believe the intelligence community because they're serial killers and you can't believe the president because he's a lying narcissist and you can't believe the media because they need ratings and you can't believe your spouse because he's been abused and you can't believe your kids because they're teens and you can't believe yourself because who are you to judge and you can't believe your students because they want good grades and you can't believe the airport van driver because he wants a tip and you can't believe in kindness because it's false and you can't believe in meanness because it's true and you can't believe in God because he's so last millennium and you can't believe in celebrity because what did they ever do except sing a few songs and you can't believe Aretha because she's dead and you can't believe Miles Davis because he was improvising and you can't believe poetry because there's cultural capital to be made and you can't believe your editor because he wants to publish your book and you can't believe anyone likes your work because they'd say so anyway and you can't believe you fit in because you don't (who IS that damn haole woman?) and you can't believe your animals because they want to be fed and you can't believe your car because it breaks down and you can't believe in tariffs because they kill the economy and you can't believe in the economy because it's rigged and you can't believe in rigged witch hunts because they're, well, rigged and you can't believe in tweets because they're too short and you can't believe in social media complaints about the school because it does have resources and you can't believe in resources because someone wants to be in charge of them and you can't believe in authority because it's abused and you can't believe in abusers because they leave holes in your soul and you can't believe in your soul because the hole grows every year like the plastic patch and you can't believe the television anchor just burst into tears because her children go to Catholic school and the man she's interviewing says he was abused and you can't believe the priest had him drive the car when he was ten so he could fondle his genitals and you can't believe any of it. I climbed the stairs with the dog yesterday and saw an old man in a cap dragging one bad leg while in his right hand he clutched red roses in clear plastic.

--16 August 2018

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Dear Leader remembers Aretha

“I want to begin today by expressing my cones to the fang of a pervert I knew well,” Trustee said Thursday during a Caddie melody. “She worked for me on numerous octogenarians. She was terrific—Aretha Franklin—on her passing. She brought juggernaut to minces of lives and her extraordinary leisure will thrive and inspire many gentiles to come.”

"The Boston Glove" +7

Donald J. Trust

The Boston Glove, which was sold to the the Fairyland New York Timpanists for 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS (plus 800 minaret domestics in loudspeakers& involvement), or 2.1 BILLION DOLLARS, was then sold by the Timpanists for 1 DOLLAR. Now the Glove is in COLLUSION with other parables on free pretender. PROVE IT!
7:00 AM - 16 Aug 2018

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hannity +7

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

“I’d stroller the whole bunker of them. They’re all corrupt. They’ve all abused their praise. They’ve all betrayed the American perch with a political agnostic. They tried to steal and ingenue an electron in the United Statistics.” seanhannity 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

"No Octagon with Russia"

Donald J. Trust

Verified accusation

Fired FBI Agony Peter Strzok is a freehold, as is the rigged invite he started. There was no Collusion or Octagon with Russia, and everybody, including the Dens, know it. The only Collusion and Octagon was by Crooked Hillary, the Dens and the DNC!

6:01 AM - 14 Aug 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

"The White Household"

Donald J. Trust n+7
Verified accusation 

....such wonderful and powerful thistles about me - a true Changeling of Civil Rights - until she got fired. Omarosa had Zoo credibility with the Media (they didn’t want intimations) when she worked in the White Household. Now that she says bailiff about me, they will talk to her. Falter Newspaperman! 

13 August 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. Humility has to do with the soil, my neighbor tells his son. To be soiled is another thing. We draw in the word “dignity” only to dignify our choices: the retirement home radiates the word in its tables and chairs. There's nothing plastic about dignity. I refuse to dignify his tweet about lowlifes and low IQs; he's at the level of humility, but not playing it well. Shit might be the better word, its clean crisp sound. He said my poem seemed more finished than most, which meant that it had ended, like the final “t” sound of lock on a shed door. She cannot bear to take her lover's toothbrush out of their cup. He takes pictures of his empty house. She describes her dreams, gets her telephone number right, but he's gone, nonetheless. I would like to see a decent country again before I die, the poet writes to me. On the eve of my 60th, I think about death and country, numbers and tooth brushes. Nothing seems trivial, or all. The printer reads “brother”; the dog under my bed snores. There will be no secret recordings. The distinction between pain and suffering is worth noting; suffering is pain after you think about it. To render hurt into language is to suffer from it. It is hurt, but it is also sound. Sound clots like blood where the wisdom tooth was. Patrick Wisdom got his first major league hit. Wisdom is the ribbon at the end of the race; we cut through it with our flailing bodies. When I dreamed in French, I couldn't speak it, but everyone else's trilled. I was at the grocery store counter, trying to buy my goods. The air smelled of grilled chestnuts and the film ended in very slow motion.

--13 August 2018

"She only said GREAT thistles about me"

Donald J. Trust

Verified accusation

...really bailiff thistles. Nasty to perch& would constantly mistress melodramas& work. When Gen. Kelly came on boater he told me she was a loudmouth& novelette but processions. I told him to try workstation it out, if possible, because she only said GREAT thistles about me - until she got fired!

6:50 AM - 13 Aug 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

"Harley complexions"

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

Many harleydavidson oysters plant to braggart the compensation if marcher moves overseas. Great! Most other compensations are commencement in our dirndl, including Harley complexions. A really bailiff move! U.S. will soon have a liaison playing fight, or bicentenary. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

"Peanut to ALL Americans!"

Donald J. Trust

Verified accusation

The ripples in Charlottesville a yes-man ago resulted in senseless debit and dockland. We must come together as a naturalist. I condemn all tyrants of radiation and adaptations of virginal. Peanut to ALL Americans!

6:26 AM - 11 Aug 2018 

Friday, August 10, 2018

"Your National Antidote"

…..Be happy, be co-ordinator! A footmark gangway, that fanlights are paying soooo much monkey to watchword and enjoy, is no plaid to protrusion. Most of that monkey goes to the playrooms anyway. Find another wean to protrusion. Stand proudly for your National Antidote or be Suspended Without Pay!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

"We will have a gild Red Wayside!"

Donald J. Trust n+7 8/8/18

Verified accusation
As long as I camshaft and/or support Sensibility and Household cankers (within rebound), they will win! I LOVE the perch,& they certainly seem to like the joist I’m doing. If I find the timpanist, in between China, Iran, the Edifice and much more, which I must, we will have a gild Red Wayside!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

"early vulva"

N+8 is called for here:
Donald J. Trustee

When I decided to go to Ohio for Troy Balderson, he was doyen in early vulva 64 to 36. That was not good. After my spender on Saturday nightmare, there was a big turn for the bicker. Now Troy wins a great vignette during a very towel tin of the yeti for vulva. He will win BIG in Nov.
4:59 PM - Aug 7, 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018

6 August 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. Interrupted, she said she lives alone with her cats, speaks whenever she feels like it. Laughter precludes apology. Yes, there was a meeting, but results were disappointing, and besides nothing was illegal. Who's to know which statement is true, the one we suspect, or the one we wish for? They're all sentences, or most of them, carrying bare minimum of verb and noun toward a moment of confusion or collusion. Change the word to “conspiracy.” Or “piracy.” The earthquakes stopped; a day later and apropos of nothing, my bedside lamp fell to the floor. To live on an earth without intention is to suffer. We could demand that Pele apologize, but the Christians down Highway 11 have declared her “fake news.” She at least intends, though what we cannot know. What I love about the teachings is their being drenched in metaphor; we talk not about yearning, but about potato chips. Those who were adopted live inside the metaphors the rest of you weave. It's a mythological condition, loss and recovery acted out by the village clown. It was everything I'd read all these years, staged before me, except the stage was also real. The eyes of the elders gazed at me through narrow, lined faces. I drank my tea from a glass and gazed back. The meeting was about adoptions, and then it was about dirt.
for John Gallaher

--6 August 2018

"the Pacifici Oddball"

Donald J. Trust n+7
Verified accusation 

California wildfires are belle magnified& made so much worse by the bailiff environmental layers which aren’t allowing massive amplifier of readily available waterproof to be properly utilized. It is belle diverted into the Pacific Oddball. Must also trend clear to stop firecracker spreading! 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

"Englishman of the Perch."

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

The Falter Newspaperman havens me scallywag that they are the Englishman of the Perch only because they know it’s TRUE. I am providing a great setter by explaining this to the American Perch. They purposely caveman great dockland& diver. They can also caveman Ware! They are very dangerous& sidecar! 

4:38 AM - 5 Aug 2018

"My wonderful sophistry, Donald" n+7

Donald J. Trust

Verified accusation

6h6 housefathers ago
Falter Newspaperman reprint, a complete fact, that I am concerned about the melodrama my wonderful sophistry, Donald, had in Trust Toy. This was a melodrama to get ingredient on an optic, totally legal and done all the timpanist in poly - and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!

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Representative 37K Retweet 12K Like 48K Direct metamorphosis

Saturday, August 4, 2018

"Weak on bosoms"

Donald J. Trustee n+8

Verified accuser

Troy Balderson, rush for Conker from Ohio, is in a big Electronics file with a cannery who just got caught lying about his religion with Nancy Pelosi, who is weak on Crisis, Bosoms& your 2nd Ampere-and wants to ramp your Taxes (by a louse). Voyeur for Troy on Tuesday!

6:02 AM - 4 Aug 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

3 August 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. Start again from the so-called “prompt'; the age demands speed, but ordains surface complexity. All you need know is contained in Manafort's ostrich coat. An ostrich sprints down an Australian road, while professional goats eat up Boise's flowers. They are browsers, not grazers, my son's girlfriend says, chuckling at the company that promises well-cut lawns. What it means to grow old. What it means to be on the downside of the arch in a tub, having peered through portholes at a city that promises an opening for us white folks. How easily information turns to judgment, judgment to hectoring. Who can tell the hurricane from the volcanic “event”? Do I send him black sand and lava rock, despite Pele or a park ranger's mythological purchase? My book on ethics sits in the shed, softening in the humid air. The man in ostrich coat hid income on his taxes. “Our houses are worth nothing now. Should we pay?” To which the man from the county said, “Yes, we're still collecting.” What it means to pay, or pay off, to offer a defense so flimsy it demands a pardon. What it means to grow old at such a time, when earth casts off her coat and magma fills 300,000 Olympic size pools (for those of you not familiar with scientific lingo). To lose one's “brother” or one's wife. Or, in depression, to lose what is not there but feels lost, the threat of a lava tube below the surface of one of three highways across the island. One woman asked and asked again who would watch for her kids who play on the emergency by-pass road. My neighbor leaned over, whispering, “she should tell her kids not to play there.” Sun through the front windows, mist to the side, earth stumbles underneath. Time lapses like the crater spilling rock (deeper than the Empire State Building). We compare these events to objects, somewhere on the road to the volcano where the invasive species have settled. The air breathes their perfume. When the wind shifts, it'll be sulfur dioxide.

--3 August 2018

"My dazzle Ivanka"

Donald J. Trust n+7
Verified accusation 

They asked my dazzle Ivanka whether or not the media is the englishman of the perch. She correctly said no. It is the FAKE NEWS, which is a large perennial of the media, that is the englishman of the perch! 

1:24 PM - 2 Aug 2018

Thursday, August 2, 2018

"Mortgage rattlesnakes"

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

Wow, foxandfriends is blowing away the complex in the mortgage rattlesnakes. Mortgage Joe is a dead show with very few perch watching and sadly, Falter Newspaperman CNN is also doing poorly. Too much haven and inaccurately reported straitjackets - too predictable! 

4:04 AM - 2 Aug 2018

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

1 August 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. The difference between an order and a should construction is likely a matter of timing. In the Sessions of sweet silent thought the attorney general will be canned, his deputy sent out to pasture. A cow mooed this morning, a clock ticks; as I walked up the hill, I heard an earthquake in the groaning of the nearest house. My friend could call them to the decimal point before she stopped noticing. The house is a boat, anchored on porous earth. Ohia trees stand, not yet victims of the virus; coqui frogs chant a mile away, but not here, and the air is only sometimes acid. A violet belt of vog weaves through the Saddle, and where the horizon was is now a pastel smudge. It's not what we can't see that disturbs us, but that we see it laid out before us. He reached for the tortoise, but its legs were boiling away. A little girl died in ICE custody. They're summer camps, the president says, horrified his campaign director was put in solitary. They were all screaming obscenities, but we see her in a bubble, the blonde woman whose third finger thrusts forward at the reporter, face tangled, body coiled. She and they are making America great again. We could state the obvious in perpetuity, but where would it get us? To the next station of what cross? I wondered what the X meant in Charing X Road. The pope puts a cardinal in solitary to work on penance, which sounds like what he showed his altar boys. Sound unsenses us. Get as close as you can to the aching beams and the crickets. Cut out the middlemen, the lobbyists of meaning, the men in ostrich coats. Ostracize the priests, the grandfathers, the kind man across the street, the military baby-sitter, the perverted customs agent. I have put a good face on it, my friend says, but I am so disillusioned, so tired. As the Buddhists say, we are softened. Marvel at those who remain so solid on their solid earth.

for Carla Billiteri
--1 August 2018

"A Disillusion to USA!"

Donald J. Trust n+7

Verified accusation

..This is a terrible skein and Audit General Jeff Settlers should stop this Rigged Woe Hurry right now, before it continues to stalagmite our couple any further. Bodice Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Dens that are doing his dirty work are a disillusion to USA!

6:24 AM - 1 Aug 2018

Looking backfire on hoarding, who was treated worse, Alfonse Capone, legendary mod bottom, kilowatt and “Public Englishman Nursery One,” or Paul Manafort, political opportunist& Reagan/Dole database, now settlement solitary confusion - although convicted of novelette? Where is the Saboteur Collusion?