Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Lilith's hat

Before I left for a month, I gave a copy of _Lilith Walks_ to one of the guys in the cemetery (a Hawaiian/African American guy) who features in the book. He and I have had many political conversations over the years, as well as more friendly ones. I provided the desired "pawtograph," as well, or Lilith's rubber stamp. The other day I saw him and asked if he forgave me for the book. "Oh yes, there are lots of opinions out there, he said." I said something about DJT, and he said, "oh it's going to get crazy. DNC. Trump's still my man!" On our return from our walk, he said Lilith needed a red hat, and he didn't mean the one I was wearing.
Today, we stopped to talk to another guy who has a new puppy, Bubba (not his name, his wife did it). I remarked that there were no flowers in the bins. "Yeah, we sold out yesterday," he said. I remarked that it had been Juneteenth. Another guy stuck his head out of the shack and said, "Oh so THAT'S what that was; I wondered." We got in a chat about what the holiday represents. "The slaves in Texas didn't know for over two years they were free," I said. "Oh yes they did," he responded. "Those low-down f-king white people knew." "Good-bye, aunty, have a nice day," said the man with the puppy.