Friday, August 31, 2018

Lost Man in Minivan

Lilith and I stopped to talk to a woman in a red HSTA shirt. She said Lily looked thirsty. We were standing quietly while Lily sat in front of her, when an old beaten up blue minivan swerved over. Inside a local Asian guy, maybe in his 40s, long wavy hair and something of a beard. What is this? he asked. Are these houses new? When did they put them in? To which I responded, the 1970s.
I told him how to get out of the neighborhood by turning right and going down the hill. So he turned right, only to do an awkward u-turn in front of someone else. As he headed downhill, he muttered through the window, something about the nice dog.

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Jonathan Morse said...

And as of last semester, the "Glaucoma medicine is great for creativity!" meme was still current in English 100.