Monday, March 25, 2019

Goat Story

"I'm a goat in the Chinese horoscope," she said, "and Taurus in the zodiac. Lots of horns." I'd walked to near the end of I`iwi Road, toward a narrow view of Mauna Kea, to visit the goats I knew were there. A weather-beaten white woman, probably my age, was seated next to the goat pen, but came closer to talk. She communicates directly with them. Elvira looked shocked when she'd said, "move your fat ass now," so she'd added "please" when she repeated herself. Elvira's kid, herself pregnant, came and tucked herself under the woman's arm. "She's my lap goat, very loving." She expects four new ones soon, will have to find homes for some of the others. She really loves these animals. Nothing better than companionship.

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