Saturday, November 20, 2021

In Memory


20 November 2021

He got word today

(As if words can be gotten)

She died this morning

Lines of begetting

Follow the Fall, linear

Time imitating

A mirrored edge

She stationed frames at the beach

Ocean selfies, sand

Having run its course

No one to turn it over

Hourglass facade

The ongoing still

Photo of her with Sangha--

One--hands around wrists

He sits on her legs

He looks at her eyes looking

At him, not typical this

Joe says, must be old

Sangha so tiny and her

Hair longer, not posed

Cannot escape frame

Of photo album of his

Adoption, her joy

Glued in place, covered

By warped clear plastic

You have new memory

My iPhone would say

Take picture of her picture

Post it she returns

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