Sunday, November 14, 2021

Pin the man on the map


14 November 2021

Out, said the mountain

Fuji-san in Seattle

Bow at train window

Out, said the woman

Loving the mountain for its

Hiddenness  like hers

A break in the light

In cloud in reason   broken-

ness is also joy

The cave of the heart

Open, one cat on railing

Nose raised   birds are out

In cave of the ear

They twitter, another form

Safer to fight

Through sliding glass pane

Two cats scrape transparency

Claws mirroring claws

Miming violence

Images without plot lines

I can’t remember

No interior

Visual sense: see blue diamond

She says, I see none

Usher up baseball

Diamond and blue sky at mid-

brain like flag on mail-

box: layer with scotch

Tape, child’s collage, magazine

Remnants on poster

Board: life, my friends, is

If you tell me to, I see

Says my son, who sees

Ghosts projected on walls

Your other mother and I

I said are pulling

For you, family text-

ures, ghosts and non-ghosts, do you

Talk to your parents

He asks me and I

Say yes, all the time, somewhere

Between monologue

And song, between in

And out, through doors etched with lines

To navigate light

Folded umbrella

Flowers my son bought for me

Pale anthuriums

Still life as chance op

Chance ops adding up to plot

Google’s little men.

--for Sangha

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