Monday, November 15, 2021

Bits of coin


15 November 2021

Stately, plump (without

The stately) Steve Bannon smirks


His new brand, sells coins

Of what remains of the realm

Word begins with R

Says Radhika, it’s

Getting reputation back,

Not reparations

I say    when we said

You trill your r’s in Spanish

She trilled every sound

Sold toilet paper

Like old lady at the door

Someone returned cents

To me, and I walked

Table to table, my act

Of restitution

To who’d played the game

Imagine boundaries dissolve

That you are carried

Safe inside a cage

Shark’s face like a French cartoon

For a gallic nose

Prose is noisier

Than this   more externalized

Time for plumb da depths

The haiku’s a net

Flicks her wrist and it lands, graph-

ing turquoise ocean

As if, organize

Your thoughts in salt squares, fluid

Riotous remnants

Account for us, the

Dying octopus sheds skin

Saddest scene I read

Species siblings wept

Their salted tears redundant

 Beget the ocean


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