Saturday, November 6, 2021

All in One App

6 November 2021

It was a day like

Any other, daybreak lip

Caldera’s fire lake

Self revising self

In syllables count them each

Punch drunk violin

The killing makes them

Tired, say the genocidaires

Cramp in his right wrist

Had no memory

Of carotid arteries

Only chicken necks

A knife to slice them

His eyes tunnels lacking light

Lava rock pincers

It’s indifference not hate

It’s wanting to stay at home

Not be refugee

Of conscience (Calais’

Liminal shelf by Channel)

Ethics is what moves

Fluid as gender

Precarious as homeless

Under Chicago’s

El, there he was, man

Wraithed by steam, what we see of

Trauma like aura

The world’s violet

Violent, fuchsia, my friend tells

Me is spelled other

Than I did, her face

Carved, swollen, now cancer free

Knives, two edged, free us

Leo mugs for zoom

His face resembles my dad’s

Gone 29 years

If we use it time

Ceases to exist as such

"Lake a lilac cube."


Note: Richard Rechtman, _Living in Death_; John Ashbery, "They Dream Only of America."

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