Monday, November 22, 2021

Kaʻōhao Beach


22 November 2021

The first time I walked

The beach with Miriam, it

Was wider, empty

No dog on paddle

Board, no throngs be-thonged strutting

By, pug with pink ball

Purple petal off

Lei washes up: scattering

Of ashes, wedding

Strange baby photos

The opposite of candid

Moses in rushes

Posed in small basket

Taken for a small profit

To be adopted

Later for wall or

Album, memento mori

Before the mori

But after memory

Of life’s short lease, ocean’s leash

How the making small

Makes us beautiful

As (not because) the water

Licks sea walls, installed

To stop the tide from

Taking land away from real-

tors, she dropped her guard


When she lay on floor

Sangha on her legs, gentle

Hands around ankles

Watch on left wrist, he

Fails to remember save as

Photo I search for

Not yet digitized

Another scattered object

Tiny crocs on beach

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