Thursday, June 12, 2014

mem card: "Ku`i": 12 june

A small twig is the everywhere of old twigs. The former athlete lives in section 8. He's 36. He can't walk except with hands held to the wall, suffers lack of muscle memory, spasms. Can't hold his trumpet, or his kids. Drinks whiskey & pepto-bismol. Eidetic means “what we see,” John says. What is visible is marked. Think of what inhabits your losses now: count them like beads, call them out. A neurologist sighed. The man who walks Ku`i the tortoise on Lulani Dr. directs him with lettuce, flower petals. Ku`i means to stitch or to pound, to churn, to seam, to boom, to crush, to clash. To care is to manage, to assist living. To cut the sentence whole cloth. Use a straight edge & a knife, my husband says.

                                                          --12 June 2014

"a small twig": Dogen

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