Monday, June 16, 2014

mem card: "ritual, recognition?": 16 june

Rivers and oceans exist in water. Why he comes back to me now. Shown his photograph, my son says he looks like my father. Shown her photo, my mother said it was her mother's. The poet's mirror-self Cambodian. What does not resemble me still is. Moves across, as on a board. “Do you remember Fred?” I asked, and she nodded. Who knew what that nod intended--scaffold ritual, or recognition? His photo bent, as it was folded, closed like a leaf against the artificial light. Eye-lid louvered. Outside: two white golf carts, the sky's particulars. Breeze, lawn mower, birds. Video & audio at odds, overlap. The second baseman scored before his foot touched home.

                                                                              --16 June 2014

"Rivers & oceans": Dogen
The poet: Robert Schultz

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