Tuesday, June 3, 2014

memory card: "washed out to sea": 3 june

Look then / Where the father of all things swims in a mist of atoms / Electrons and energies, quantums and relativities. The poet's ashes were set in concrete; my mother's in a plastic bag, box. What there is to describe is gray, particulate, post-blood quantum. Blood dissolves as dust. The “moron” or “fool” deserts his mountain camp at night. POW of the near-beyond, man in an attic drawing girls with penises, pansies. Who breaks our rules is broken like a thrush's song by civil defense. 33 states have laws against feeding the homeless. They are pigeons to us, crumbs. Think outside the box, when box is house, estate, contains nothing for sale. The man beneath the bridge beside the creek has tarp and bike, abode. Behind him is lo`i, mountain, before him road crew directing traffic. He's the scholar in a roll painting, or he is bulk refuse. We see him push his bike to the road, heading for He`eia. The little hills of the ahupua`a were formed from the hanged body of a woman grieving.

                                                                --3 June 2014

Italicized lines by D.H. Lawrence, from "Pansies"
He`eia Learning Center pdf

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