Monday, June 30, 2014

mem card: "team of orphans": 30 june


The green mountains are always walking; a stone woman gives birth to a child at night.” Not a birthing stone, but a woman. Beneath a blue tarp, above a blanket, lies a round stone with face etched in. Above the blue tarp, red lava consumes condo towers. We circulate through the gallery, watched by a docent in a wheelchair. When she smiles, one bottom tooth shows. She asks about the volume of the music. The woman is not stone, but sidewalks are as hard. The cold corridors of Bal Mandir: her crib stood by the door. Two men arrested for forcing girls to wear bridal gowns, have sex, molest little boys. “The only team I'd coach is a team of orphans,” Mike Matheny wrote.

                                                      --30 June 2014

 "The green mountains": Dogen
Art by Imai Kalahele, from the Iolani Gallery, WCC, fb page. 
Images of Bal Mandir, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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