Wednesday, June 18, 2014

mem card: "at Civics": 18 june

When water melts, it is gentler than milk. Beneath a pink kid's bike by the road, I see the man's back. Shirt pulled over head to shade his neck, he faces the woods. Two hundred yards back, a black plastic door fronts his burrow. Brown ti leaves wrap around the rail above. Categories require instances. Instances require equipment: bike, tarp, pole. At Civics, girls practice footwork, each to her own ball; behind the restrooms a couple has set up camp. It's probably safe, I tell my son, close to the police station. We cannot let the homeless take over our city, the mayor says. It's a problem that requires a war, or a cure. The man at the park stares through chain link at the parking lot. His partner lies beneath her yellow blanket. I see her two feet, standing.

                                                                                  --18 June 2014

"When water": Dogen
Photograph: Civil Beat, 2 June

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