Friday, June 13, 2014

mem card: "desire & fact" : 13 june

It is the work of mountains. To cleave is to join & to rip apart. We live with sunrise & water, the mountain's teeth flashing when it rains. Remainders were the best part, for they suggested left-overs. Last breaths remind us to count, where accumulation lessens. As I poured water in the cup, a brown gecko leaped out, landed on the red fire extinguisher by the sink. He climbs the knife-holder, the pill bottles, drinks from our cups. The mountain erodes like anger, trees at odd angles, an unrazored chin. The space between desire & fact is too often violence. “Do you really want a bat on your wedding cake?” she asked. “It's a weapon.” No, I said, think of it as violin.

                                                                 --13 June 2014

"it is the work": Dogen, "Mountains & Waters Sutra"

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