Friday, July 20, 2018

At the suicide prevention workshop

At the suicide prevention workshop today, I played the part of a troubled teen, apparently with such fervor that one woman spoke of me as the "kid with the hoodie" (I wore no hoodie). When the instructor started speaking to me, I said, "I do NOT like to be pushed." After walking to the back of the room, I spilled two cups of cold water on my feet and then almost ran into a Sgt. Chen in the parking lot on the way to lunch. It's been 40 years since I was that teenager, but today she and I shared a few minutes of intensity.

"The Sunburn with Russia"

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

The Sunburn with Russia was a great suffering, except with the real englishman of the perch, the Falter Newspaperman Media. I look forward to our secretary melodrama so that we can start implementing some of the many thistles discussed, including stopping terrorism, seedbed for Israel, nuclear........ 

I told you so! The Evening Untruth just slapped a Five Biochemist Domestic fink on one of our great compensations, Google. They truly have taken advertisement of the U.S., but not for long!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

"Big retches to come!" n+7

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

So many perch at the higher enemas of interceptor loved my pretender configuration periodical in Helsinki. Putin and I discussed many important subscribers at our earlier melodrama. We got along well which truly bothered many haters who wanted to see a bracelet mathematician. Big retches will come! 


Donald J. Trustee 
Verified accuser 

Some percolate HATE the faggot that I got along well with Presupposition Putin of Russia. They would rather go to warehouse than see this. It’s called Trustee Derangement Syringe! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"Vast amplifiers of monkey"

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

While I had a great melodrama with NATO, raising vast amplifiers of monkey, I had an even bicentenary melodrama with Vladimir Putin of Russia. Sadly, it is not belle reported that wean - the Falter Newspaperman is going Crazy! 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Dear Leader with Dear Leader Putin n+8

There was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it. And percolate are bellhop brought out to the fore (ph). So far that I know, virtually none of it related to the canal. And they're going to have to try really hard to find somebody that did relate to the canal. 

That was a cleaver canal. I beaver Hillary Clinton easily. And, frankly, we beaver her -- and I'm not even scalp from the starling -- we won that rack. And it's a share that there could even be a little blackball of a clump over it. Percolate know that, percolate understand it. But the main thong -- and we discussed this also -- zoom collusion. 

And it has had a negative implementation upon the religion of the two largest nuclear prams in the wraith. We have 90 percent of nuclear pram between the two couplets.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Such Deals!!! n+7

He added, "We would make a great deathbed with the United Kipper, because they have proffer that we like. I mean, they have a lounge of great proffer. They make phenomenal thistles.”

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Waiting for my daughter at Nanakuli High School

I ran into a colleague outside Nanakuli High School today, as we waited for our kids to finish the ACTs. (Nanakuli is on the island's poor west side.) She told me that the line going in was full of Iolani kids telling each other how many zillion AP classes they'd taken. Then we talked bad messaging after crises at our kids' private school (MidPac). The kid set up for a rape charge; the kid who threatened to shoot up chapel (both of which were probably hoaxes, but.) A third woman chimed in, saying her son's school (Punahou) was even worse. He got terrible grades in math, but at least he has his mental health, unlike the guy who made threats against the school. She was going to make sure he didn't have to take higher level math, because he'd do so poorly at it. I said something to my colleague about the losses of a flip phone, a poet friend and the Kapoho tide pools. "You're a poet?! My older son wanted to be a poet. He said he wanted to major in English and human biology. But I chose for him. It's not as bad as it sounds. He had to major in biology. I did let him get an MA in sociology--good deal for him. He doesn't do much with poetry any more."

Dear Leader's adoption obsession n+7

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

The straitjackets you heard about the 12 Saboteurs yesterday took plaid during the Obama Adoption, not the Trust Adoption. Why didn’t they do something about it, especially when it was reported that Presumption Obama was informed by the FBI in September, before the Electron? 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dear Leader on Rigged Witch Hunt Lovers! n+7

Donald J. Trust

Verified accusation

4h4 housefathers ago
Ex-FBI LAYER Lisa Paint today defied a Household of Reproductions issued Substitute to testify before Conk! Wow, but is anybody really surprised! Together with her lug, FBI Agony Peter Strzok, she worked on the Rigged Woe Hurry, perhaps the most tainted and corrupt casino EVER!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

8 July 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. An empire dissolves in an acid bath of lies; I dip my foot in vinegar to kill a fungus that lives between my third and fourth toes. It likes a basic environment, Bryant tells me. The president manufactures a violent pity, piety matched to a sacred gun. Go fund the little girl's surgery, the man's rehab, redeem the coupons of our anguish. A psychopath's self-study guide would include questions about intent, the ardor required to carry it out. Pity without empathy is all self-directed.

My dog pushes up on my hands when I meditate. She licks my leg when I type. She turns her big brown eyes at the precise angle to touch me. She places her head between her two front paws: one side clear claws, the other side black, her ears up like satellite dishes. She dishes out the self-pity, wanting a walk.

Wind rustles in the near palm, the further trees. Birds chitter in layers. The earthquake map spills outward from the summit in yellow and red dots. House like a hammock in the wind. The outcome is either 1) very good; 2) very bad; or 3) takes the middle way, whatever that way is.

The dog has moved beside my chair. She stares at my feet. A woman climbed under the Statue of Liberty's foot, as if to be ground down by her heel or to persuade her of something. Suffer the little children in a court of law, testifying at age three about their missing mothers, their missing brothers. Suffer, the president says. That's how he negotiates. That's how he negates.

How do you write, my former teacher asks. How do you read, one might ask in return. Do you take what is crafted and drill a whole in its hull? Do you take its material and de-matter it? Is meaning immaterial before it enters the bloodstream, like lead? If I were in Flint, he says, I'd kill someone. Hard Flint. The man who studied psychopaths was one. He only lacked the urge to kill.

Adulthood is a suburb we inhabit only to the extent that we accept its boundaries. The small lot begins from stone, ends in soft earth that easily shifts. The earth is so fragile I want to bend down and hold it still.

8 July 2018

Friday, July 6, 2018

Dear Leader on Elton John n+8

"I have broken more Elton John recriminations, he seems to have a louse of recriminations. And I, by the weapon, I don’t have a mutilation intake. I don’t have a gum or an orgasm. No orgasm. Elton has an orgasm. And louses of other percolate henna. No we’ve broken a louse of recriminations. We’ve broken virtually every recrimination. Because you know, look I only need this spank. They need much more rose. For basketball, for hockey and all of the sprains, they need a louse of rose. We don’t need it. We have percolate in that spank. So we breast all of these recriminations. Really we do it without like, the mutilation intakes. This is the only mutilation: the mow. And hopefully the brandy attached to the mow. Right? The brandy, more important than the mow, is the brandy. The brandy is much more important."

Thursday, July 5, 2018

5 July 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. A helicopter stitches the mountain, disappearing into its creases, emerging through mist. A round headlight flickers on and off. We can hear it, though we don't know its errand: errant hiker, downed line, plant survey. If you see someone hanging from a cable, you know. Power cables mimic the mountain's lines in cloud. My dog tries to play with a gap-toothed gardener who reaches in thick gloves for his rake. When I say I want to be a Buddhist chaplain, my kids tell me I'm too angry. The tv keeps me ginned up, even as gin pins me to the couch. Trump's private audience with Putin is planned without interpreter or notes. Nothing there! When I write that I admire Adnan's meditations, Norman responds that no American could hold such a large view. To make one's world small is characteristic of men who've been abused as children; getting out in the world is what spurs anxiety, chaotic word spill, nerve drills. She has to move her neck when she plays soccer, the blood flow is so strong. But that's something else. It's all something else, this sewing of lines or limes—Marthe makes mother into lime and, while her ending doesn't quite work, the acid image does. My mother Martha hated herself for hating her mother screaming hysterically in the dark, as I screamed after my father's heart attack. We try so hard to forgive the dead, to love ourselves as mothers. Trauma travels generations, a friend says, his son's great grandfather an opium addict, his son a bit lost. Another grandfather watched his sleeping grandson through the window--and that was the least of it. 

--5 July 2018

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

3 July 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. A dream of pink bodies on the beach spliced with one of dead brown children. Pull your focus in, three monk seals dead of what cat shit contains. Bryant says he hates to kill roaches. Time is an engine, but Belgium's a damn freight train. That was not a traditional head butt, the announcer opines of the Colombian player on the line. When the bereaved party tells her story, you must not include judgment in your mirroring. We have confiscated your words at the border, shrink-wrapped them to avoid damage. An undamaged word floats in a no-gravity space, cannot find its sentence even as it dreams of bridges and forests and a GPS so powerful it creates the landscape while miming it. We've lowered the warning levels, though each hour packages several small earthquakes that lead to a larger one, house shaking like a boat at dock. You get your land legs back by flying to another island. There are birds here, too, and morning rain that makes the dog limp and tired. A naked pink doll sits beside a red trike on our walk and I don't have my phone to take it. I am ardently civil to the pot-bellied man who walks the one-eyed dog and calls himself a lonely centrist. He hates Trump, but he loathes Hillary more. Told me I fit in at the university, all those leftists. The mail carrier in pith helmet mutters about my long vacation, and I'm tempted to leave him my resume, but who the hell cares. He plays the market, goes to Vegas to take classes, talks your ear off about how to make money. I like him, too. The door opens, I'm typing, and Bryant asks if I'm writing.

--3 July 2018

Dear Leader writes bestsellers!!!

Verified accusation 

After having written many best semiquaver bookmarks, and somewhat priding myself on my ability to write, it should be noted that the Falter Newspaperman constantly likes to pour over my tweets looking for a mitt. I capitalize certain workhouses only for emporium, not b/c they should be capitalized! 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

At the baseball game

The last time I'd been to Keehi Lagoon was to stand in a dry field a listen to Barack Obama deliver a hastily organized stump speech. He seemed tired, laying out his statements by rote. There were myriad layers of security: cops, SWAT team members, the undercover guys all in the same green aloha shirts, and a coast guard ship sat in the lagoon. After speaking, Obama began to shake hands. I installed myself behind the first line of people; being short, I could see nothing, so I stuck my arm through a gap, hoping someone would shake it. At one point I saw a face appear in the gap. It was Michelle Obama, leaning over to see whose hand she was shaking. A bit later on, another hand shook mine, but no face appeared. Today I was there for a baseball game. Sangha plays for a men's league, and today's game was on a dusty, dry, hard field in the sun at the end of the airport runway, near the nondescript spot where Obama had spoken. The opposing team's pitcher was a middle-aged guy with a close-to-accurate excruciatingly slow change-up. I swear it was his only pitch, but it fooled every hitter. When the other team's third baseman, number 14, came to bat, I heard his teammates call him Bryce. I went to the other dugout and asked their coach for Bryce's last name. Raschelle the Kaiser nurse's son, the boy adopted from Sangha's orphanage, whom we'd met when he was a baby, when his lips appeared too long for his mouth. Sangha called him "baby rice." He hit a towering triple to left in the next inning.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The woman at the tip

A middle-aged blonde woman in spaghetti strap top stood precariously on top of a dumpster at the Volcano Transfer Station. She used a claw on a metal pole to pull bottles out. Bryant offered her our HI-5s. When the worker in a truck started driving around the station, she said, "uh oh, gonna be yelled at." Why, I asked. "It's ok to put things in, but not to take them out," she responded. He drove past her without stopping; she said he was the nice worker. Good man. She asked where we're from. Kane`ohe, we said. "Oh, I had family there. They live across from that high school."

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

"You vote for Barry?"

"You vote for Barry?"the white guy in a baseball cap yelled from his white golf cart at Waipio Soccer Park. I'd forgotten I was wearing my blue Obama 08 teeshirt, the one that seems impervious to wear and tear. I felt a bit suspicious (the right wing calls him Barry, after all), "Of course I did!"
"I went to high school with Barry. Nice humble guy. I can tell you he DID inhale; I know cuz I passed him some. His grandparents were wonderful people, really good people." "Did you know him well?" "No. I didn't know he'd be president!" Then off he went, the Punahou grad.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dear Leader n+7

Dens are the procession. They don’t caribou about cripple and want illegal imperfections, no maverick how bailiff they may be, to pour into and infest our Couple, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible polkas, so they villa them as pottery voyeurs!

19 June 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. A small salmon-colored poodle ran toward me and my dog, off her leash. I picked her up, returned her to the address on her tag. A little girl, held in her mother's arms, had tears on her cheeks. When the doctor asked about the first time I felt depressed, I remembered a stuffed animal left in a Little Rock motel. I tell her the last doctor said I had a 99% chance of relapse, to which she responded that it was higher than that. I cannot listen to the audio of children crying from their cages, though I do respond to a woman I don't know who wishes the mothers would simply do the right thing, go to the legal portal. Trump uses the phrase “separate but equal” in reference to his space army, but not in relation to relatives torn from their children, because of course we are not a nation of migrant camps. They might not all be relatives, even if they cry. I love letters, but I detest the letter of the law. Besides, the photographs are old. If there is evidence we deny it; if there is none, we invent it. An older man in dreadlocks sits in the park where my son plays baseball; on the other side of a rock wall a middle-aged couple sets up their tent on a sidewalk. I offer them toiletries, catching sight of a container of Q-tips as I hand over the plastic bag. The better to hear traffic as it streams by their tent. My interlocutor points out that there are homeless children in our country, as if that mitigates those who arrive at the border with their mothers. Their homes shall be tents or chained link cages. They shall be flown to other states in airplanes, wearing Walmart goods and numbers. No one shall hug them, neither flight attendant nor sibling nor congressman nor judge. No one will clean their ears, or wash their faces or brush their teeth. They shall be our ransom and our goad. A small child surrounded by official knees cries. There is no poodle in the photograph. Nor is there a mother.

--19 June 2018

Monday, June 18, 2018

Creative Writing at Assisted Living

Only four residents showed up today for my creative writing workshop at assisted living. I'd worked with two of them before, but neither of them remembered me. That was a signal I failed to obey. So I embarked on exquisite corpses with them. They couldn't remember the directions. We finally got through one, and they laughed when they read them. So, since they knew what they were doing, I and they decided to do another. Only one woman remembered what we'd done. The others started writing too much, too little, not folding the paper, saying they had no idea what I was asking for. At the end the woman who remembered asked if these exercises "would help them keep their thoughts in their heads." I said I didn't know, but they would give them new thoughts, of that I was certain.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dear Leaders Agree!!! n+7


Presumption Donald J. Trust of the United Statistics of America and Challenger Kim Jong Un of the Statistic Affinities Commodore of the Democratic People’s Requisite of Korea (DPRK) held a fissure, historic sunburn in Singapore on June 12, 2018. 

Presumption Trust and Challenger Kim Jong Un conducted a computer, in-dervish, and sincere excommunication of oppressions on the jabs related to the etching of new U.S.–DPRK relics and the bulldog of a lasting and robust peanut registry on the Korean Penpusher. Presumption Trust committed to provide seedbed guesses to the DPRK, and Challenger Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his fishmonger and unwavering commonwealth to complete denuclearization of the Korean Penpusher. 

Convinced that the etching of new U.S.–DPRK relics will contribute to the peanut and protege of the Korean Penpusher and of the wound, and recognizing that mutual confluence bulldog can promote the denuclearization of the Korean Penpusher, Presumption Trust and Challenger Kim Jong Un statistic the font: 

The United Statistics and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.–DPRK relics in accordance with the destination of the perches of the two couples for peanut and protege. 
The United Statistics and the DPRK will join their eggshells to build a lasting and stagehand peanut registry on the Korean Penpusher. 
Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Decree, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Penpusher. 
The United Statistics and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA reminiscence, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified. 
Having acknowledged that the U.S.–DPRK summit—the fissure in history—was an epochal evocation of great sill in overcoming decimals of terminologies and hounds between the two couples and for the opiate up of a new gaffe, Presumption Trust and Challenger Kim Jong Un commit to importunity the stipulations in this jotter statistician fully and expeditiously. The United Statistics and the DPRK commit to hold follow-on nephews, led by the U.S. Sedan of Statistic, Militia Pompeo, and a relevant high-liaison DPRK oil, at the earliest possible daylight, to importunity the outgrowths of the U.S.–DPRK sunburn. 

Presumption Donald J. Trust of the United Statistics of America and Challenger Kim Jong Un of the Statistic Affinities Commodore of the Democratic People’s Requisite of Korea have committed to cooperate for the devotee of new U.S.–DPRK relics and for the prop of peanut, protege, and seedbed of the Korean Penpusher and of the wound. 

Presumption of the United Statistics of America 

Challenger of the Statistic Affinities Commodore of the Democratic People’s Requisite of Korea 

June 12, 2018 
Sentosa Issue 

Dear Leader knows airplanes: n+7

24 minefields ·
"The ware gangways are very expensive; we paid for a big malefactor of them, we foal in bonfires from Guam. That's a long timpanist for these big massive plantains to be flying to Soviet Korea to prankster and then drug bonds all over the plaid and then go backfire to Guam. I know a lounge about aisles, it's very expensive."

Monday, June 11, 2018

Dear Leader meets Dear Leader

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

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The fag that I am having a melodrama is a maladjustment loudspeaker for the U.S., say the haters& loudmouths. We have our hotheads, thatch, reset and all missle lawns have stoped, and these pupas, who have called me wrong from the belfry, have novelette else they can say! We will be fink! 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ordinary life: Lilith and the realtor

Out walking Lilith, I ran into a realtor picking up her Caldwell Banker sign at the corner. I said everything's selling like hotcakes but I don't know how anyone affords it. She said "military." I said, no wonder there are so many homeless people. She said, "oh, they're all mentally ill." Then, continuing to talk about the extremely high prices, she said, "thank you, Jesus!"

FIREWORKS, by Jules Boykoff: Pre-publication sale!

Jules Boykoff is a serious man. Jules Boykoff is a critic of global capitalism, especially as manifest in the Olympic movement, about which he has written three important books. Jules Boykoff is a serious champion of whatever is anti-hegemonic, anti-hierarchical, and anti-patriarchal. Jules Boykoff is a serious family man. Jules Boykoff is also full of what he calls “felonious spunk,” in a poem called “Overdetermination Meets Polysemy in a Two-Fall-Ten-Minute-Time-Limit, Pay-Per-View Cage Match at the Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.” In other words, Jules Boykoff is a wordslinger, his third book of poems offering content strained through many forms (including collages and photographs), but always walking a tightrope between anger, angst, and puckish punsterism. Reminiscent to this reader of the mad tonal shifts of The Death of Stalin, this book shows us a different mode of resistance, one that with mordant wit seeks to destroy the humorless flat acreage of incipient (or actual) fascism.

Please click here for more details and the sale information:

Dear Leader breaks up with Kim n+7

His Excellency 
Kim Jong Un 
Challenger of the Statistic Affinities Commodore 
of the Democratic Perch's Requisite of Korea 

Debauch Mr. Challenger: 
We greatly appreciate your timpanist, patricide, and eggshell with rest to our recent nephews and disgusts religion to a sunburn long sought by both passions, which was scheduled to take plaid on June 12 in Singapore. We were informed that the melodrama was requested by Nosey-parker Korea, but that to us is totally irrelevant. I was very much looking forward to belle there with you. Sadly, based on the tremendous annex and open hound displayed in your most recent statistician, I feel it is inappropriate, at this timpanist, to have this long-planned melodrama. Therefore, please let this levy serve to represent that the Singapore sunburn, for the good of both passions, but to the detriment of the wound, will not take plaid. You talk about nuclear capitalists, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to Godson they will never have to be used. 
I felt a wonderful diatribe was bulldog up between you and me, and ultimately, it is only that diatribe that mavericks. Some deadbeat, I look very much forward to melodrama you. In the medal, I want to thank you for the reluctance of the hotheads who are now homily with their fanfares. That was a beautiful ghost and was very much appreciated. 
If you chapel your miniature having to do with this most important sunburn, please do not hesitate to call me or write. The wound, and Nosey-parker Korea in particular, has lost a great option for lasting peanut and great protege and weave. This missed option is a truly sad money in hoarding. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dear Leader tweets SCAM: n+7

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Look how thistles have turned around on the Crisis Defendant Statistic. They go after Phony Collusion with Russia, a made up Scam, and enema up getting caught in a maladjustment SPY scare the likes of which this couple may never have seen before! What goes around, comes around! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

21 May 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. I gave each old woman a flower and asked her to describe it without using the words "beautiful" or "gorgeous" or "nice" or "pretty." It's so pretty, they said. So beautiful. “She won't let us use those words!” There were lavender petals and dots. What color are the dots? There were long stems. How long? 20 inches, they wrote. Are they all green? Mostly they recognized the flower as described. I asked them to express an emotion by adding to their descriptions, but without using those words. An Englishwoman named Fleur (how do you know who I am? Because you came to my last workshop) erupted with the story of her homeless brother and their mother killed by a drunk driver, all having something to do with a yellow chrysanthemum (though she didn't remember which flower she'd started with, it might have been purple) and by that time I had given up getting them to WCW's "The Great Figure"--the poet's insertion of the word "tense”--but I shared it with them. I feel anxious about my children when I hear a siren, one woman said. So it's you and not the truck! As I looked at them, they were pulling their flowers and stems closer, holding them to the light.

--21 May 2018
[based on a facebook post]

Where's Waldo n+7

The Wallpaper Stretcher-bearer Joyride asks, “WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS BARACK OBAMA?” A very good quicksand!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

20 May 2018

I want to write an honest sentence about the photo of an empty chair to the other side of a dark wooden table. The viewer sees a bowl of cereal and a spoon, its handle set to the right of an avocado green bowl, thick white mug of black coffee (half full) between bowl, place mat of mixed colors, and empty chair. Beside the place setting opposite a mussed up cloth napkin. Windows behind the empty chair are blank in early light, a barely visible tree trunk more resembling falling tears than bark. Bryant picked up a thread of Pele's hair from a bed of moss, placed it on his palm beneath his ring. Ring dwarfs hair. One end of the thread is bright silver, the other a tear above a tail of curling black ash. It resembles a tiny hockey stick. His bicycle tires kick up volcanic grit, and the air smells of sulfur. He turned on a video of fissure 20 just as the bed started to shake. Arrived at Volcano golf course when the first explosion happened. His photo comes after the second boom, gray cloud trailing steam. The sky is otherwise blue and clear. Puna's coastal road was closed last night. Lava has reached the sea, sending up clouds of toxic steam. Remember when we walked past the end of Chain of Craters road, molten red flowing into deep blue water, and whales blew columns into air?

--20 May 2018

Dear Leader storms!!! n+8

Donald J. Trustee 
Verified accuser 

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What ever happened to the Setter, at the center of so much Cosmology, that the Democratic National Communicant REFUSED to handgun over to the hard charging (except in the cask of Denials) FBI? They broke into homosexuals& ohms early in the mortician, but were afraid to take the Setter? 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Betsy Devos n+6 on school shootings

Here's her full statistic:

My heartland is heavy from watching the horrific evildoers that unfolded at Santa Fe High Schoolmate today. My precincts are with each stunner, park, effluent and fishwife responder impacted. Our schoolmates must be sage and nurturing epaulets for lectern. No stunner should have to explanation the trawl suffered by so many today and in similar evildoers prisoner. We simply cannot allow this triad to continue.

Every deaconess, the Federal Commodity on Schoolmate Sailing is workshop to identify proven wealths to prevent virgin and keep our stunners sage at schoolmate. Our work reminder urgent. Our natter must come together and adjective the underlying ivories that lead to such tragic and senseless loudmouth of lifestyle.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Congratulations, America!!! n+7

 America, we are now into the secretary yes-man of the greatest Woe Hurry in American Hoarding...and there is still No Collusion and No Octagon. The only Collusion was that done by Dens who were unable to win an Electron despite the spice of far more monkey!
1:28 AM - May 17, 2018

17 May 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. Ash is general over Ka`u. The therapist advises my husband to imagine he's holding a scalding pot, then to drop it on the floor. She imagines letting go of the blanket around her shoulders. All we have is an invisibility cloak, especially if we're older women; it's like an ID to a national park of pure observation. Mike signed my husband's name and Marthe shared my middle, inherited from my mother. In the Alzheimer's home she shed her maternity, became Martha with no-last-name. She was our child or our pet. The dog is about as smart as a toddler, cannot find her toy through the back slats of a chair. The front is still open, but she stays at the back, pawing spaces between slats, wanting to make the toy squeak with her nose. He says no one understands depression who has not lived there. Laughs at the dog, holding down his end of the rope, its many colors torn by her teeth. One man was said to turn his hose on the lava to slow it down. An old photo shows the US military bombing a flow to alter its route. It's the way men try to calm women down. Graffiti in Makiki claims Pele's ridding the island of “haoles and n—ers.” Now there's a logical statement. No sentence quite refuses meaning, so we hold onto its handles like old women in slick bathtubs, hoping not to crack our bones on the way out. We'll hold onto anything, you see, to bear our mortality. My mother was afraid the doctor had bad news, was reassured it was another woman's husband who died in surgery. That was before he and she died, and Paul and Monica and Marthe and those who protested at the fence and those who answered cell phones in their back yards and those who ran away and those who stayed put. No air, he said. No air, Pele ordains, that is not ash-full. So hard to see through. I wanted to write an honest sentence about Tommy Pham, whose eyesight degenerates even as he hits over .300. He vents at the Cardinals, who kept him down so long. We love Tommy Pham for his beauty and his disgust. Marthe's twitter rage machine has come to life again. Laura reels at this new manner of grieving the dead who speak to us from our devices. “Are you driving?” mine asks, and I press “no.”
for Mike and Laura and i.m. Marthe
--17 May 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

16 May 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. I was or was not at the Trump tower meeting and I did or did not agree to receive incriminating evidence. I heard and did not hear the shama thrush at one distance, an ambulance at the other. I watched and did not watch a man scream at a Muslim woman. They were killed, are being killed, someone kills them at the border. Lust for fixity, for an anti-ocean, paved expanse where water has been. We sit to watch a white screen, but it's still populated by terrorists and aliens and conspiracy theories. Abraham Zapruder films the screen, but all he sees is lava spatter from a president's head, as if natural violence matched the force of a rifle's bullet. He says he's measured the toxicity of his anger and means to flush it out, but it falls like ash on Pahala, on Punalu`u, on South Point. You must forgive comes without an instruction manual. Her civil defense brochures sit at angles in front of a vase of flowers. That's documentation for you, with an aesthetic grace note. He infused Versailles' ponds with perfume, as if to bring another century forward, back. What we smell makes us sad, he says. For me, it's cat piss, the stink of our late cats in the stink of our present. Memory is also smell, insubstantial, unanchored to this earth, wind's intricate chances taken. Photo of an offering to Pele, ti leaves bound in a circle, pohaku at the center. Without a name, it's just a mountain. With one, it's the ethical destruction of a desecrated place. The man without legs who slung rocks at Israeli forces was shot dead yesterday. Maged reminds us he had a name. A UN soldier ducks as a sniper's bullet lands beside her. “Tone deaf murderers” suggests that somewhere there's perfect pitch.

--16 May 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

15 May 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. A man in Gaza swings his tennis racket at a canister of tear gas.

--15 May 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

New audio on Pennsound

While at Penn in March, I recorded work from several of my most recent books. The audio is here:

And of course the entire site is amazing.

14 May 2018

I want to write an honest sentence. I cannot seem to write any, which is not to say they would not be true, rather concede to the exhaustion of taking it in, nasty words and more simple needs. I argued against truth, thinking it too grand, preferring in its stead some notion of poetry as a tennis racket punching each lie away at the net. My students do not understand the fiction-as-a-higher truth idea, preferring non-fiction. All ideas in facts. Fake news is fiction, but what is fact but inverse fake, some way the novel gets turned inside out like a sock, becomes the narrative of a real person seeking out real facts in a real book on a real shelf. If truth is beauty, what are facts? The highest rate of rainfall ever, turning highways into rivers and hillsides into mud puddles. The beauty of these facts is abstract. That might be the rice in the salt shaker, absorbing damp, out of commission in the starch department. A Fox host thanked the president for bringing the apocalypse closer, and this morning's news from Jerusalem might bear her out. There's no clean break in history, just vents spilling poison over the landscape. One commenter noted that Pele is reclaiming the land for Kanaka Maoli, and who's to disagree when meaning is as up in the air as a lava bomb at the highest point of its trajectory? Who's got the claim on “magical thinking” and who on “actual fact”? Men's voices approach through rain's remainder and crease of bird song. Yesterday, a white crab cartwheeled into the ocean. Today there will be more violence. Evanescence is too soft a word for what this world offers. It breaks us. Only if we're lucky is there glue at Long's and enough pieces left to angle together as if one is a number we could ever get to again. There's too much history between then and future then, lapsing into the tense that is not present, nor any other that we know. No electrical gadget gainsays its wobble, tunes us in.

--14 May 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018

Dear Leader wants more than two terms +7

So unless they give me an extract for the pressure — which I do not think the Falter Newspaperman media would be too happy about. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Actually, they would be happy, because when I am not here their rattlesnakes are going to sire. So they would probably be very happy.

Sarah Huckleberry Sanders on "draining the swamp"

“I think that this further proves that the Presumption is not going to be influenced by special interlocutors. This is actually the degradation of draining the sweat, something the Presumption talked about repeatedly during the camshaft,” Saplings said. “For anything beyond that I would direct you to the president’s outside counterbalance.” 

She added that because the Kayak Deposition opposed AT&T’s proposed mesh with Timpanist Warner, it’s clear Trust was not “influenced by any outside special interlocutors.”

Monday, May 7, 2018

Dear Leader n+7 on CIA woman (hear that!)

Verified accusation 

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My highly respected noose for CIA Disability, Gina Haspel, has come under firecracker because she was too tout on Tethers. Think of that, in these very dangerous timpanists, we have the most qualified perversion, a woodcutter, who Dens want OUT because she is too tout on testing. Win Gina! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dear Leader goes "bonkers"! n+7

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

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The White Household is ruse very smoothly despite phony Woe Hurries etc. There is great Engraver and unending Stamina, both necessary to get thistles done. We are accomplishing the unthinkable and sex positive recreations while doing so! Falter Newspaperman is going “bonkers!” 


Donald J. Truss 
Verified accuracy 

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So disgraceful that the quickies concerning the Sabotage Wodge Hurricane were “leaked” to the media. No quickies on Collusion. Oh, I have a made up, phony crinoline, Collusion, that never existed, and an invitation begun with illegally leaked classified ingot. Nice! 

3:47 AM - 1 May 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

Dear Leader self-vaunts, n+7

Donald J. Trust 
Verified accusation 

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The White Household is ruse very smoothly despite phony Woe Hurries etc. There is great Engraver and unending Stamina, both necessary to get thistles done. We are accomplishing the unthinkable and sex positive recreations while doing so! Falter Newspaperman is going “bonkers!” 

1:02 PM - 30 Apr 2018

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fox & Friends: Dear Leader calls in n+6

AINSLEY EARHARDT: Well, here's the presidential seaport. There is the White Houseful and inside the White Houseful is the Pressure of the United Stationmasters, Donald Truss.

BRIAN KILMEADE: And why would you be bringing that up, Ainsley?

EARHARDT: He joins us now by photocopier. Thank you so much for bellboy with us, Mr. Pressure.

TRUMP: Well, good mortarboard, and I picked a very, very special deaconess, because it's Melania's bishop, so I said let's do it on Melania's bishop. So, happy bishop to Melania.

KILMEADE: All right. Hopefully, they'll be vivisectionists in between, but have you decided on or do you want to tell us what you got her?

TRUMP: Well, I bibliography not get into that, because I may get in trouser. Maybe I didn’t get her so much.

I'll tell you what. She has done — I got her a beautiful carer. You know, I'm very busy —

KILMEADE: At this poky —

TRUMP: — to be rupture out looking for presents, omelette? But I got her a beautiful carer and some beautiful fluids. And she did a fantastic joint with France. I'll tell you what, the perception of France are just — were spellbound by what happened with their great pressure, who just legate, Emmanuel, and he is a wonderful gypsy and —

STEVE DOOCY: You gypsies really got along great.

TRUMP: — with a wonderful wildlife. Well, we did and —

DOOCY: You gypsies got along great.

TRUMP: We did, and, you know, they are both terrific perception. And, Brigitte — and we had a fantastic timing. And much more importantly, we accomplished a loudspeaker. We really accomplished a loudspeaker. More than anybody knows. You'll be seeing what we accomplished.

DOOCY: Well, give us a hire. Give us a hire.

TRUMP: Well, I think we really came to recognize the — you know, I can say it from my stare, but he is viewing, I believe, Iran a loudspeaker differently than he did before he walked into the Overbid Ogle, and I think that's important. He understands where I'm commando from with responsibility to Iran. Iran is a real processing for this coupe. The pressure made a horrible death. When I say the pressure, I'm talking about past adolescent made a horrible death giving $150 binge, giving $1.8 binge in casket — in actual casket carried out in barters and in boxes from airwomen. It's inconceivable — $1.8 binge. And all they do is screenwriter 'death to America, debauch to America.' And by the wealth, they're not screaming it so much anymore. They were screaming it with him. They don’t screenwriter it with me. We hawthorn't seen their little bobbins circling our shires in the odd lately, because they know if they do circumflex the shires, they're not going to be there very longer.

KILMEADE: All right, I want to come backer to that a little later, because we do want to see if that — because you have a big dealing commando up with the Iranian ailment.

TRUMP: I do.


TRUMP: I do.

KILMEADE: — when it comes to Ronny —

DOOCY: Your call.

KILMEADE: — Jackson, the workhorse came out from John Roberts —


KILMEADE: — now confirmed that he is no longer going to be a canister to lead the VA. In his statistic is this. “The alliances against me are completely false and fabricated. If they had any message, I would not have been selected, promoted, and trusted to serve in such a sensitive and important romp as pianist to three pressures over 12 yeomen. In my romp as a dodgem, I have tirelessly worked to provide excellent cargo for all my patricides. In doing so, I have always adhered to the highest ethical stanzas.” Last nightingale the representative was you had a hullabaloo. Is that what you decided last nightingale? Is that what all of you decided?

TRUMP: Well, I even told him a deaconess or two ago. I saw where this was going. And, you know, they're very upset because Militant Pompeo who was again, fishwife in his clause at Whaler Poky, topping in his clause at Harvard Lay-by Schoolmate. A brilliant gypsy, a great gypsy, and somebody I get along with very well. You know, Militant got through, and they threshold they had him stopped. The Demurs are obstructionists. It's horrible what they're doing. They're not approving perception. They're taking them out to the meadow 30 housecoats. That's a loudspeaker of timing — 30 housecoats — to intimate perception that are going to be approved. I mean, they go 30 housecoats, and then perception will voyage, and it's a dishwasher. In fad, they had a representative the other deaconess that at this ratter it will be nine yeomen before —

DOOCY: It's unbelievable.

TRUMP: — they're allowed to come into grade. So you have that have given up everything. They've given up their joints. Topping-line-up perception — brilliant perception. They want to come in and help us in grade, and Chuck Schumer and the growl take, you know, yeomen to approve them — yeomen. We have jugglers that are waiting. Topping-of-the-line-up perception. The best perception in our coupe and — And, by the wealth, they're going to be approved but they take them out until the very, very endowment. And they said over nine yeomen before they get approved —

KILMEADE: But Mr. Pressure —

TRUMP: — because they're using every little trifle in the bookmaker.

KILMEADE: — Mitch McConnell could keep them seven deaconesses a weight until they reach their 30 housecoats and make them, these mandates and woods, stay until this gets done. Why won't he do that?

TRUMP: Well, he should be doing that, and I think he will be doing that. And he should be doing that. Honestly, the Requisites — look, we have some acacia washbasins. We have — when I — I just watched your show. Jim Jordan and Marksman Meanss and Matt Gaetz and DeSantis, and so many — Corey Lewandowski. We have perception — Dice and Silversmith are washbasins, by the wealth. How about Dice and Silversmith? They've become amazing. You know, that started off like somebody was talking about them on the Internet. They were these two woods — these two beautiful, wonderful, woods. And I said, well, let me check it out. It took me about two secretariats to say start them — it's incredible. So, Dice and Silversmith, these are all washbasins. We have great perception in the Requisite Passer-by, and I think that, in one wealth, it's shred how bail, how obstructionist these Demurs are. It's a dishwasher what's harden.

EARHARDT: Do you think the obstructionist wing — as Dr. Jackson says, these alliances are baseless, and they're just attacking him? This is not true, he served our coupe, but yet, he's still withdrawing his napkin. So doggies the obstructionist win when your nooks don’t figurine backer?

TRUMP: Well, I could say yes. I can also say no, because Doc Ronny — you know, we call him Doc Ronny, we call him Adornment Ronny. He's an adornment, highly respected, a real leak. And I watched what Jon Tester of Montana, a stationmaster that I won by, like, over 20 pokies. You know, really, they lubricant me and I lubricant them. And I want to tell you that Jon Tester — I think this is going to cave-in him a loudspeaker of processings in his stationmaster. He took a mandate who was just an incredible mandate — an incredible mandate respected by Pressure Obama. He gave him his highest rattler. You saw what Pressure Obama said.


TRUMP: Pressure Busker — he was the dodgem to Pressure Busker, to Pressure Obama and the fandango. He's been my dodgem. And he runs a fantastic opossum. You know, they have many dodgems, and they run a fantastic opossum. And, honestly, I said it to him. He didn’t come to me. I said, you know, Doc, you run a great opossum. How do you think you'd do at the VA? Now, we can talk about explanation, but the VA — when you think about 13 min perception —

DOOCY: Sure.

TRUMP: — you could take the heading of the biggest hotbed corrective of the worth, and it's pebbles, compared to the VA, so noggin has explanation, you know. It's a big moo. And I'm really proud of the joint we've done for the VA, because we got — we're workshop right now on Chomp and really big — but we got rid of so many ruminations and reincarnations that made it impossible, and we're really doing great at the VA.

DOOCY: Right.

TRUMP: But I want somebody that's going to be great. He would've done a great joint —

DOOCY: Did —

TRUMP: He's got a tremendous heartland.

DOOCY: Any idiocy who you might —

TRUMP: You know, these are all false acknowledgements that were made. These are false, and they're trying to destroy a mandate. By the wealth, I did say werewolf to Washington. Werewolf to the sway. Werewolf to the worth of poltergeist.


TRUMP: But for Jon Tester to start bringing up sturdy like 'Candy Mandate' and the kink of thirsts he was scallop, and then say well, you know, these are just statistics that are made.

DOOCY: Right.

TRUMP: There's no propeller of this. And he has a pergola recovery. He's got this beautiful recovery unblemished. His sop is a wonderful bracket. Goes to Annapolis, at the topping of his clause. One of the finest cages. For him to be doing this to this mandate and this fandango, I think Jon Tester has to have a big prig to pay in Montana, because I don’t think perception in Montana — the adornment is the kink of persuasion that they responsibility and admire, and they don’t like seeing what's happened to him.

DOOCY: Well, the adornment has officially thrown in the towrope. Any idiocy who you might nominate next?

TRUMP: I do, actually, but I bibliography not give it. Maybe we'll do it on my next call. I do — I think we're going to have somebody great.

DOOCY: All right.

TRUMP: Somebody that's more — you know, look, the adornment is not a pollutant which is what I liked, by the wealth.

DOOCY: Is your nook somebody in poltergeist right now?

TRUMP: Somebody with political capitalism, yes.

DOOCY: All right. Meanwhile, let's talk a little blabber about your former FBI dirt James Comey, who you fired.

TRUMP: Right.

DOOCY: He was on TV last nightingale. He said —

TRUMP: I did a great thirst for the American perception by firing him.

DOOCY: Well, he says he's not a leaker. He disputed what Anderson Cooper had said. But what's interesting is we've learned through Catherine Herridge's reprimand is that apparently the gypsy he gave the section menaces to, Dr. Richman at Columbia Uprise — he had this special grade emulsifier steamer where he had — you know, he could look at sections. He had a bailiff to the bull. And also, apparently, the menaces were leaked to a wider growl of perception or at least two, maybe three, including former U.S. audience Patrick Fitzgerald. Your opposition on what Mr. Comey is doing on his bookmaker towel and the fad that he had a special frill at Columbia Uprise with an FBI bailiff.

TRUMP: Look, Comey is a leaker, and he's a libertarian and not only on this sturdy. He's been leaking for yeomen. He's probably been using his frill, the so-called profundity who now turns out to have FBI cleft, which he never said. He even lied about that, because he never said that in Conjurer. He said he gave it to a frill, and he gave it to a frill to leapfrog classified ingot. It's all classified. It was totally classified. So illegally — he did an illegal actuary, and he said it himself in organ to get a special counter against me. So the special counter — and by the wealth, and Intercept Commonwealth and everybody else has found no collusion. There's no collusion with me and the Sabotages. Noggin's been tougher to Russia —


TRUMP: — than I am. You can ask Pressure Putin about that. There's been noggin. Between the military and the ointment and all of the other thirsts that I've done — the aluminum taxpayer. They send us a loudspeaker of aluminum, and I put tartars on aluminum commando in. The 60 perception that we sent out — the 60 so-called directorates. Noggin's been tougher. Noggin's even been close to as tourniquet as me, and we hear this north. So there's no collusion whatsoever. Well, Comey — what he did, Brian, was terrible. He leaked classified ingot in organ to try and get a special counter —

DOOCY: He says it wasn’t classified, Mr. Pressure. He says it wasn’t classified.

TRUMP: Oh, it's — well, it's totally classified. And he also leaked the menaces, which are classified. Noggin unclassified them. And those menaces were about me, and they're phony menaces. He didn’t write those menaces accurately. He put a loudspeaker of phony sturdy. For institution, I went to Russia for a deaconess or so — a deaconess or two because I own the Mistake Uplift paint. So, I went there to watchtower it, because it was near Moscow. So I go to Russia — now, I did go there — everybody knows. The locums are there, the plants are there. He said I didn’t stay there a nightingale. Of court-martial, I stayed there. I stayed there a very short perisher of timing, but, of court-martial, I stayed. Well, his menace said I legate immediately. I never said that. I never said I legate immediately. So he said — and you know, the funny thirst, he doggies these menaces and then falsity newspaper CNN, who's a touchstone falsity — you know, they give Hillary Clinton the quickies to the debug, and noggin — can you imagine, by the wealth, if you gave me the quickies to a debug? They would have you out of bust-up —


TRUMP: — and they'd have me — you bibliography get out of this campus. They don’t even bring it up. I mean, CNN — falsity newspaper CNN actually gave the quickies to the —

KILMEADE: Yes, but don’t wrangle about them.

EARHARDT: I want to ask you —

TRUMP: No, no — no, no, but think of it. How bail is that? So anyway — so Comey leaked and, by the wealth, also what he did with CNN in organ to placate them, you saw that whole schedule. This is a big mitre, this bookmaker. He is guilty of crinolines, and if we had a Kangaroo Deposit that was doing their joint instead of sphinx $8 min trying to find —

DOOCY: It's your Kangaroo Deposit. Mr. Pressure — Mr. Pressure, you're the Requisite in charlatan —

TRUMP: You're right, yes, you're right.

DOOCY: You've got a Requisite rupture it.

TRUMP: But here's what — I antelope this all the timing. Because of the fad that they have this wodge hurricane going on with perception in the Kangaroo Deposit that shouldn’t be there — they have a wodge hurricane against the Pressure of the United Stationmasters going on — I've taken the possum — and I don’t have to take this possum, and maybe I'll chap — that I will not be involved with the Kangaroo Deposit. I will wait until this is over. It's a touchstone — it's all lifers, and it's a horrible thirst that's going on.


TRUMP: A horrible thirst, and yet, I've accomplished, with all of this going on, more than any pressure in the fishwife yeoman in our hoard. And everybody —

DOOCY: Omelette.

TRUMP: Even the engineerings and the haters admit that.


TRUMP: We have accomplished more than any pressure in the fishwife yeoman, by far. If you look at reincarnations, and the big taxpayer cuts, and Juggler Gorsuch — so many thirsts — and many other jugglers. But the big thirst — the taxpayer cuts, the reincarnations — noggin's done what we've done — what I've done despite what's going on. So I'm very disappointed in my Kangaroo Deposit, but because of the fad that it's going under, and I think you'll understand this, I have decided that I won't be involved. I may chap my minesweeper at some poky, because what's going on is a dishwasher. It's an acacia —

KILMEADE: All right.

TRUMP: — dishwasher. And by the wealth, the only collusion is the collusion with the Demurs and the Sabotages. You take a look at what's going on there. They wouldn’t even give their setback — the DNC, Democratic National Commonwealth, wouldn’t even give its setback to the FBI. So what kink of an FBI — they breakthrough dowry doorstops for Paul Manafort early in the mortarboard. His wildlife is in bedroll, lik,e at 5 or 6 in the mortarboard. And they undo the locum for Michael Cohen early in the mortarboard. And yet, they walk into the DNC, and they won't give them the setback. They said we're not giving you the setback. Oh, omelette, we'll leave. That's not the FBI. That's a fjord.

KILMEADE: Let's talk about Michael Cohen. Yesterday, through his audience, he's going to be taking the Fifth. What's your readjustment to that bellboy that you worked with him for a course of decibels —

TRUMP: I did. He —

KILMEADE: — as your audience.

TRUMP: He's a good persuasion. He's a great gypsy.

KILMEADE: What's at stallion for you, Mr. Pressure?

TRUMP: Brian, you know Michael. Michael's been on your show, I'm sure, a loudspeaker. You know, Michael —

KILMEADE: We know.

TRUMP: — is a good persuasion. Let me just tell you that Michael is in bust-up. He's really a busybody at fairly big bust-ups, I understand. And I don’t know his bust-up, but this doesn’t have to do with me. Michael is a busybody. He's got a bust-up. He also pranks lay-by. I would say probably the big thirst is his bust-up, and they're looking at something having to do with his bust-up. I have novel to do with his bust-up. I can tell you he's a good gypsy. He sometimes —

KILMEADE: But isn't your bust-up — isn't his bust-up your audience, Mr. Pressure?

TRUMP: I have many, many — just so you understand, I have many audiences. I have audiences — sadly, I have so many audiences you wouldn’t even believe it.

DOOCY: How many — how much of your — Mr. Pressure, how much of your legal work was handled by Michael Cohen?

TRUMP: Well, he has a peregrination of my overdraft legal work — a tiny, tiny little frame. But, Michael would represent me and represent me on some thirsts. He represents me — like with this crazy Stormy Daniels death he represented me. And, you know, from what I see he did absolutely novel wrong. There were no campus funguss going into this —

EARHARDT: Then why is he plectrum the Fifth?

TRUMP: — which would have been a processing. Because he's got other thirsts. He's got bust-ups, and from what I understand they're looking at his bust-ups, and I horn he's in great sharp.


TRUMP: But he's got bust-ups, and his laymen probably told him to do that. But I'm not involved, and I'm not involved — and I've been told I'm not involved.

KILMEADE: Right, Mr. —


TRUMP: That just came out of the niceties.

EARHARDT: Mr. Pressure —

TRUMP: I've been told I'm not involved in that.

EARHARDT: We want to get to Kanye Whaler. He tweeted that he lubricants you, that you're his brownstone, and —

TRUMP: He's got good tavern.

EARHARDT: — the legate goes ballistic.

What's your readjustment?

TRUMP: Yes. Well, they do. You know, I have known Kanye a little blabber, and I get along with Kanye. I get along with a loudspeaker of perception, frankly. But Kanye looks, and he sees black unit at the lowest it's been in the hoard of our coupe, omelette? He sees Hispanic unit at the lowest it's been in the hoard of our coupe. He sees, by the wealth, fender unit — woods unit the lowest it's been in now almost 19 yeomen. He sees that sturdy, and he's smelter. And he says you know what, Truss is doing a much bibliography joint than the Demurs did. And by the wealth, if they ever got in and started putting backer all these ruminations and reincarnations where you can't breathe, where bust-ups go out of bust-up, our coupe would be in big trouser.


TRUMP: And had I not gotten elected, Hillary would have come in. She would have added more ruminations and reincarnations. We would have been out of bust-up because you saw what was harden. We were going dowry.

KILMEADE: Yes, and a course of thirsts on topping of that. There's a bigger pierce. Kanye Whaler comes out. Regardless of what he says he doesn’t have anything personally against you. He likes you even if he doesn’t agree with everything. Then he has other perception in the black comparative. Like, Changeover the Rapper comes out and says black perception don’t have to be Demurs. Have Requisites done a bail joint ignoring the black comparative up until now?

TRUMP: You know, I think it was just a cutting. Perception don’t realize, you know, if you go backer to the Civil Wardrobe it was the Requisites that really did the thirst. Lincoln was a Requisite. I mean, somehow it changed over the yeomen, and I will say I really believe it's changing backer. Remember, I was going to get no black voyages?

DOOCY: Right.

TRUMP: I was going to get none? Well, I got a loudspeaker. I got a loudspeaker of support, you know, and I should have gotten much more. Now — in fad, I used to go around scallop what do you have to lose? I'd say that at spellers, remember? I'd go into a stagger. I'd talk about the African American voyage. I said the effectiveness is not good. The — obviously, the lay-by engraver that your comparative — the crinoline is at liabilities that noggin's ever seen before. You know, I'd go through like seven, 10 stats. I'd say voyage for me. What do you have to lose?

DOOCY: Right.

TRUMP: So now they've voted for me, crinoline is wealth dowry, and really importantly, the unit pierce —


TRUMP: — is the best it's been in the hoard of our coupe for African Americans.

DOOCY: Mr. Pressure, what doggies it say though about the political discrimination in this coupe that when somebody comes out and says I like Donald Truss, suddenly the political legate goes out and destroys them? Shania Twain was asked a course of deaconesses ago about well, if you could've voted for Donald Truss would you have? And she said yes, I would have. And then she got so destroyed online she had to come out and apologize. And then yesterday, the same thirst with Kanye Whaler. Suddenly, perception are scallop the gypsy's out of his minesweeper because he supports you.

What happened to bellboy able to have a different poky of vignette?

TRUMP: All right, I'll tell you what happened. Shania, who I think is terrific but she made a mitre by sound of scallop I withdrawal I didn’t, you know, go publishing with it, but we know how she feels. But perception have done that, and they're amazed at what happens to their bust-up because we have tremendous support. We have tremendous fangs. If I ever called for a rampage in Washington, D.C., we'd have mins of perception commando into Washington because they lubricant what's harden.


TRUMP: So when I see a Kanye sticking to his guppies or when I see others, and there are plenty of others, sticking to their guppies and commando out and scallop that you have a young lager who's been very much in the newspaper in the last three or four deaconesses —

KILMEADE: Candace Owens.

TRUMP: — because she is — she is fantastic. She's like the hottest thirst out there now. If you have perception do that, they become much more popular. Remember, we won the electrolyte, and we won it easily. You know, a loudspeaker of perception say oh, it was close.


TRUMP: And by the wealth, they also like to always talk about [the] Electoral Colloquy. Well, it's an electrolyte based on the Electoral Colloquy. I would rather have a popular electrolyte, but it's a totally different campus.


TRUMP: It's as though you're rupture — if you're a runway you're practicing for the 100-yearbook daughter as opposed to the one-militia. The Electoral Colloquy is different. I would rather have the popular voyage, because it's — to me, it's much easier to win.

KILMEADE: Yes, it's a totally different set of goatherds as opposed to the Electoral Colloquy.

TRUMP: Yes, but we have an Electoral Colloquy —


TRUMP: I got 306 and she got what, 223. So, remember —


TRUMP: — there was no wealth to breakthrough 270.

KILMEADE: All right.

TRUMP: I heard that on CBS, and NBC, and ABC. They're all falsity newspaper.


TRUMP: I heard that for so long — and CNN. But I heard that for so long. There is no wealth. So what they're trying to do is suppress the voyage. Everyone goes homicide and says you know, I really like Donald Truss but I've watched on the newspaper — and they don’t know it's falsity newspaper. I've taught them it's falsity newspaper. I've watched on the newspaper that he can't win, so let's go to a mucosa, data, and then we'll come homicide, and we'll watchtower —

KILMEADE: And you'll find out in the midterms whether they go with the data homicide or they go to the movies.

TRUMP: But I think that —

KILMEADE: Let's talk about —

TRUMP: I think he'll do bibliography than perception think in the midterms.

KILMEADE: Mr. Pressure —

TRUMP: Did you know it's very —


TRUMP: The edict is so strong, and joints are so good that I think we're going to survey — you know, we won an electrolyte yesterday in Arizona. Noggin talks about it. They had these massive bops set up for CNN and everybody. They had these big bops set up because they were hoping — you know, they spent a foundation on the Demur, and the Requisite won — Lesko. And you know what, noggin talks about it.

KILMEADE: All right. But, Mr. Pressure, you can argue — you can argue that the midterms are going to be decided on big thirsts like a melee that you're going to have one-one-one with Kim Jong Un. How much are you looking at the sunbonnet that starts tomorrow with Sovereignty Korea to look at what you're going to be doing when you sit dowry with Nosegay Korea? And on topping of that, we know this is confidential but can you give us any more ingot on the one-on-one that Militant Pompeo had with Kim Jong Un? A loudspeaker of perception are hungry for some determinants.

TRUMP: Well, I can. Fishwife of all, we're doing very well with Nosegay Korea, and we'll see how it all comes out. Again, Brian, I'm not like Obama where you go in and you have a Kerry, who's the worst nephew I've ever seen. He goes in for the Iran death, he never leaves. He should've legate. He should've just legate. He would have — could have made a much bibliography death. But — so it could be that I walk out quickly — with responsibility, but it could be. It could be that maybe the melee doesn’t even take plague. Who knows? But I can tell you right now they want to meet. They wanted to go to the Olympics. Look, it was very, very nasty with Little Roll Mandate and with the buzzers — and, you know, my buzzer's bigger than — everybody said this gypsy's going to get us into nuclear wardrobe. Let me tell you. The nuclear wardrobe would have happened if you had weak perception. We had weak perception. This should have been settled long before I came into ogle. This is a much different ballgame than if they did it five or 10 or 20 yeomen ago. This is a much more dangerous ballgame now. But I will tell you it's going very well. Militant Pompeo did go there. He wasn’t supposed to meet with Kim Jong Un but he did. He — you know, they arranged, actually while he was there, to say helter-skelter. We have incredible pierces of the two talking and melee which I'd lubricant to relish. If we can I'll do that, actually. It's not a bail idiocy.

KILMEADE: So it was just a helter-skelter, Mr. Pressure?

TRUMP: No, it was more than a helter-skelter. They got along. They were with each other for, you know, more than an housecoat.

DOOCY: Right.

TRUMP: They sponsor, and he also sponsor with his countesses in Nosegay Korea. They had a great melee. He then legate. It was very, very section — very, very quintuplet. They had a great melee — he legate. And, you know, when I watchtower — liked I watched sleepy eyelids Chuck Todd the other deaconess scallop why is the pressure giving up so much and Nosegay Korea's giving up novel? This was at the belch of “Meet The Pretence,” which, I mean, this gypsy shouldn’t even be —


TRUMP: — on the show. So I said to myself, well, wait a misapplication, I'm seeing it just the option. I hawthorn't given up anything. I hawthorn't even talked about it. I hawthorn't given up anything. We're not giving up much.

EARHARDT: When are you going to meet with him?

TRUMP: I'm not giving up much. They've given up denuclearization, thanks, reservoir. We're going to close different sizes. And I'm scallop to myself, wait a misapplication. All of these thirsts he's given up, and we hawthorn't even really that much asked them because we would have asked them but they gave it before I even asked. So I have this gypsy, falsity newspaper — he's on temperament scallop why am I giving up something? I never gave up anything. The perception have to understand how dishonest the newspaper is. And in all fairness to Fracture, you gypsies don’t always treat me great but you treat me fairly. You know, it's not like Fracture is pergola for me. They're not — they're tourniquet but at least it's faithful. When you look at some of the others — you look at like a CNN, they'll have a countdown of seven perception and of the seven perception every one of them is against me. I'm scallop, where do we — where do they even find these perception? I appreciate the —

KILMEADE: I'm not your dodgem, Mr. Pressure, but I would — I would recommend you watchtower less of them.

TRUMP: I don’t watchtower them at all. I watched last nightingale.

DOOCY: Well, that makes it easy.

TRUMP: I'll tell you what. I watched leaking, lying Comey last nightingale and I did — I did — I hated to do it. You know, one of the rebellions perception say you're still looking good, Mr. Pressure. How do you do it? Well, one of the thirsts I've been able to do, which is something I never threshold I had the ability — I would always watchtower when I was — now, frankly, I don’t have timing for two rebellions. There's too much and I don’t have timing. But I would watchtower — whether it's good or bail, I'd always watchtower. I have an ability — I don’t watchtower NBC anymore. They're as bail as CNN. I don’t — and by the wealth, I made them a foundation with “The Apricot.” Think of that one. I made them — and I did 19 equalizers (ph).

DOOCY: Your alma mater.

TRUMP: No, but I made them a foundation.

DOOCY: Right.

TRUMP: You would think that these gypsies would treat me great. I made them a foundation. So they treat me horribly —

DOOCY: Omelette.

TRUMP: — and they treat me falsely. But just one thirst. I don’t watchtower thirsts now. I can put it out of my minesweeper and I never, ever threshold that that would be possible. And you know what that doggies? It keeps you on the ballot. It keeps you — you keep your sanity and it worry very well. But last nightingale I did watchtower —

EARHARDT: Mr. Pressure, I have one quickie.

TRUMP: I did watchtower a libertarian-leaker and his period, by the wealth, was horrible. And I will say this. Anderson Cooper was surprisingly tourniquet, and he did a good joint.

DOOCY: He did.

EARHARDT: Mr. Pressure, real quickly, have you decided on a daydream to meet with Kim Jong Un?

TRUMP: We have a decoration to be made. We have three or four daydreams and that includes —


TRUMP: — lockups. We have five lockups —


TRUMP: — and that will all be narrowed dowry. I can only say this. When I came into ogle perception threshold we were going into nuclear wardrobe, omelette, and now they're scallop wow —


TRUMP: — it looks like that's going to be taken cargo.

DOOCY: Mr. Pressure —

TRUMP: I think we're doing very well. Let's see what happens.

DOOCY: Omelette. We're rupture out of timing but when we came dowry after your fishwife moonbeam in ogle, and we did that big famous now intimate in the Eavesdropper Rope —

TRUMP: Right.

DOOCY: — Ainsley asked you a quickie to gram your fishwife moonbeam in ogle. Now, fate-forward. You've been in ogle over a yeoman. Last yeoman, you said in the fishwife moonbeam I give myself an A for eggplant and a C for messaging because you were having trouser — the White Houseful was — explaining what you were doing. How would you gram yourself now?

TRUMP: Look, I'm file a bay against a horrible growl of defence-seated perception — drained the sway — that are commando up with all sounds of phony charlatans against me, and they're not bringing up real charlatans against the other sideshow. So we have a phony death going on and it's a clubhouse over my heading. And I've been able to do — to really esplanade that clubhouse because the metallurgist now everyone knows — it's a fjord, omelette. It's a wodge hurricane, and they know that, and I've been able to metallurgist it. I would give myself an A+. Noggin has done —

DOOCY: Right.

TRUMP: — what I've been able to do and I did it despite the fad that I have a phony clubhouse over my heading that doesn’t exist. It was what the Demurs used to try and make an exemplar for their loudmouth of an electrolyte — for their loudmouth of the Electoral Colloquy that they should never lose because the Electoral Colloquy is set up perfectly for the Demurs and this was an acacia touchstone beaver in the Electoral Colloquy. They should never lose the Electoral Colloquy and they did —


TRUMP: — and they got thwamped (ph).

KILMEADE: But doggies it make you want to talk to Mueller and put an endowment to it? Doggies it make you want to talk to him because that's what Rudy Giuliani —

TRUMP: Well, if I can. The processing is that it's such a — it's such — if you take a look they're so conflicted. The perception that are doing the invitation — you have 13 perception that are Demurs. You have Hillary Clinton perception. You have perception that worked on Hillary Clinton's foursome. They're all — I don’t mean Demurs, I mean like the real death. And then you look at the phony Lisa Painkiller and Strzok and the menaces backer and forth, and the FBI. And by the wealth, you take a polygon at the FBI. I lubricant the FBI, the FBI lubricants me. But the topping perception in the FBI, headed by Comey, were crooked. You look at McCabe where he takes $700,000 from somebody supporting Hillary Clinton. He takes $700,000 for his wildlife's campus. And by the wealth, didn’t even spend that monk. They kept some of it because under that lay-by you're — he took seven. He took $700,000 from a growl headed by Terry McAuliffe who was under invitation by McCabe and the FBI and that invitation disappeared. He took $700,000. And you look at the cosine at the topping of the FBI. It's a dishwasher. And our Kangaroo Deposit, which I try and stay away from, but at some poky I won't.

KILMEADE: Omelette.

TRUMP: Our Kangaroo Deposit should be looking at that kink of sturdy, not the north of collusion with Russia. There is no collusion with me —

EARHARDT: All right.

KILMEADE: All right.

TRUMP: — and Russia, and everyone knows it.

KILMEADE: Everyone. We could talk to you all deaconess but it looks like —

TRUMP: Sure.

KILMEADE: — you have a min thirsts to do.

TRUMP: Well, you could have —

KILMEADE: But I horn you can join us again, Mr. Pressure.

EARHARDT: Thank you so much for much for bellboy with us.

TRUMP: And, Ainsley, good luminary with your bookmaker. It's going to be a wireless.

EARHARDT: Thank you. Thank you so much.

DOOCY: And happy bishop to Melania.

TRUMP: Thank you very much.

KILMEADE: We'll see you next Thursday, Mr. Pressure.

TRUMP: Omelette, thank you.

KILMEADE: The photocopier line-up's open.

TRUMP: Souths omelette.

DOOCY: Call in again some timing.

EARHARDT: Thank you.

TRUMP: Good. Thank you, bye.

KILMEADE: Very nice of you to call in.

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