Tuesday, August 9, 2016

9 August 2016

We go up to the thing we mean. Meaning is fine, so long as you don't fix it. There's nothing like emasculating meaning to make it last. The (male) nurse laughed when I checked “no” in the box that asked if Radhika's testicles were enlarged. And sure enough, I had. Don't put meaning in a box, unless you want to ship it. Please tell me the history of the phrase, “Second Amendment remedies.” What is the medicine, and what the disease? The man behind Donald Trump mouthed “wow” and then laughed. I nearly giggled to see Bryant's duck walk during meditation. Right heel first, foot angled right, set down, and then again set down. Laughter is a broken lock, not a set one. Its repetitions are not crosses, but odder angles than those. Sharon Angle said it first. Under this dispensation, to heal is also to kill. The deaf cat was under foot. We tended to her because she breathes.

--9 August 2016

#51, Zwicky: Wittgenstein

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