Thursday, August 18, 2016

18 August 2016

To be transparent is not to vanish. As a child, I was given a clear plastic woman. Inside her were hard liver, colon, heart, and lungs; I pulled her apart from head to foot and took her organs out, then replaced them, snapping her body shut. She was all organs; there was no plastic mind to let her look back at my skin. Omran, age five, sits on a plastic orange chair at the back of an ambulance; he wears the dust of ancient Aleppo on his freshly cut hair, and he fidgets. He's a window in a house of windows. Unable to respond to this world, the Muselmanner packed up their eyes and left. The eye's transparencies cannot sustain so much. They close by staying fixed.

--18 August 2016
[Zwicky, Lyric Philosophy, 260]

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