Thursday, August 25, 2016

25 August 2016

The eyes are windows.” This changes, among other things, the way we understand houses. The form invites you to fill it in: scrap of conversation, memory, aphorism. An Internal Recollection Service for the soul. It depends where on google earth you stop, whether in space or at street view, where a neighbor walks his Golden Retriever. The book about HM is mostly about the doctor who erased his memories. It has no footnotes. The house without a basement shuts out the colonizing ants, those who eat the family dog when he strays, or a scientist when he asks too many questions. They enter through the mouth, the anus, and the ear; theirs is a fantastic voyage through caves and tunnels and liver. After a 6.2 earthquake, only the clock tower in the Italian village stands. Before the quake it read 10:20, afterwards, 1:40. 

--25 August 2016

[Zwicky, #77]

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