Friday, August 12, 2016

12 August 2016

Loss-in-connexion, connexion-in-loss, is the emotional tone of wisdom. Whatever it is, don't hold onto it. These days, I'm much less interested in mind, which may be lucky considering statistics on Alzheimer's in the over-my-age set. It's the way emotion precedes intellect that moves me, the way emotion means more when intellect gives way like wooden blocks when you pull the wrong one out. I lost that game twice, but the net was laughter and reconstruction. It's raining on the palm today. Stevens saw real palms in Florida: even a metaphor has literal root. The end of mind is not palm, though that comes closer than some possible conclusions. When I opened facebook this morning, I saw Goro's wife's body on a bed, lit candle on the table beside her, his note to thank her for having married him. It is “finished,” he writes. In the machine translations, “is” comes last. 

--12 August 2016

Zwicky, #56

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