Monday, May 25, 2020

The man in the park

After Lilith and I climbed the concrete steps into Ahuimanu Park by the turn-around, we saw two blue lights leaving, which had turned onto Hui Iwa moments before. Across the park, under trees and beside the basketball courts, a man in local guy uniform (dark shorts, dark teeshirt, green baseball cap) sat at the left side of the picnic bench, away from the table. His thick legs anchored on the pad, shoulders hunched over, chin down, he didn't move. Lilith and I started to walk slowly across the park; he stood up and turned toward the courts. I waved, he waved. We got past the restrooms, to a grassy area L found extra smelly. When I turned back, I saw him leaning against the chain link fence, arms on the cross bar, head down. We walked back around the restrooms. "Excuse me, are you ok?" I asked from a distance. He turned his bearded face toward me and said softly, "I'm ok." Lilith and I continued on our walk.

Study Questions:

--Were the cops there to talk to the man?

--Was that his large white pick-up parked by the play equipment?
--Did the author know she was going to write about this while it was happening?

--Would it matter to you if she did? In what way(s)?

--If you don't know the answers to any of these questions, how does that make you feel? 

--Can there be resolution to his story, or ours? What is the relationship between his and ours?

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