Monday, May 18, 2020

Lilith gets stung by a bee

On Saturday we walked the cemetery with a friend. I pulled out my phone to take a photo of clusters of bright yellow cut palm seeds, when Lilith leapt in, a bit like Lester. It was then I noticed the bees, lots of bees. Lilith jumped, her eyes astonished, and ran out of the foliage, madly shaking her left front paw. A bee fell from her paw and she ate it. But when she started to walk again, she hobbled, favoring that paw. The guys at the guard shack, the ones I yelled at the other week for claiming that hospitals are making money off ventilators, leaned out and said she probably still had the stinger in her paw. So I raised her left leg, inspected the pads, the spaces between claws, and then brushed off a small object I hoped was the offending stinger. We resumed our walk; she limped, but less. When we got to a turning point, I said we should head home. But Lilith pulled on the leash, wanting to go farther. So we walked to the top of the cemetery, right up against the Ko`olau, and looked back on mountains and turquoise ocean, clouds and dots of cut flowers.

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