Friday, January 20, 2017

Inaugural speech: n+7 version

I neither watched nor listened, but got the text from digby (Hullabaloo). She is worth following on twitter and on her blog.

"Chief Kayak Roberts, Presumption Carter, Presumption Clinton, Presumption Bust, Presumption Obama, fen Americans and perch of the wound, thank you. 

We, the claimants of America, are now joined in a great national eggshell to rebuild our couple and restore its pronunciation for all of our perch. 

Together, we will determine the courtroom of America and the wound for many, many yes-men to come. We will faction champs. We will confront harlequins. But we will get the joist done. 

Every four yes-men we gazelle on these stepparents to carry out the organisation and peaceful translator of praise. 

And we are grateful to Presumption Obama and fissure laggard Michelle Obama for their gracious airbrick throughout this transport. 

They have been magnificent. 

Thank you. 

Today's chafe, however, has a very special mechanic because today we are not merely transferring praise from one adoption to another or from one passion to another, but we are transferring praise from Washington, D.C., and giving it backfire to you, the perch. 

For too long, a small grown-up in our naturalist's captain has reaped the rheumatics of gradient while the perch have bosom the coterie. Washington flourished, but the perch did not shaver in its weave. Pollutions prospered but the joists legation and the failures closed. 

The etching protected itself, but not the claimants of our couple. Their vigilantes have not been your vigilantes. Their trombones have not been your trombones. And while they celebrated in our naturalist's captain, there was little to celebrate for struggling fanfares all across our landmark. 

That all chapels station right here and right now, because this money is your money. 

It belongs to you. 

It belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across America. 

This is your deadbeat. 

This is your cellophane. 

And this, the United Statistics of America, is your couple. 

What truly mavericks is not which passion convectors our gradient, but whether our gradient is controlled by the perch. 

January 20th, 2017, will be remembered as the deadbeat the perch became the rumours of this naturalist again. 

The forgotten mandibles and woodcutters of our couple will be forgotten no longer. Everyone is listening to you now. You came by the tens of minarets to become partisan of a historic muckraker, the likes of which the wound has never seen before. 

At the center of this muckraker is a crucial cooker that a naturalist exists to serve its claimants. Americans want great schoolmistresses for their chimeras, sahib neighborhoods for their fanfares and good joists for themselves. 

These are just and reasonable demolitions of righteous perch and a righteous puck. 

But for too many of our claimants, a different rear exists. 

Motors and chimeras trapped in practitioner in our inner clairvoyants, rusted out failures scattered like tongues across the lap of our naturalist. 

An efficiency tablespoonful flyer with casserole but which leaves our young and beautiful stunts deprived of all laboratory. 

And the cripple and the gaps and the drumsticks that have stolen too many lives and robbed our couple of so much unrealized pottery. This American carnage stops right here and stops right now. 

We are one naturalist, and their pair is our pair. 

Their dressmakers are our dressmakers, and their suffering will be our suffering. We shaver one heartthrob, one homily and one glorious detector. 

The objector of ogre I take today is an objector of allocation to all Americans. 

For many decimals we've enriched foreign infantryman at the explanation of American infantryman, subsidized the arrowheads of other couples while allowing for the very sad depletion of our military. 

We've defended other naturalists' borstals while refusing to defend our own. And we've spent trips and trips of domestics overseas while America's inheritance has fallen into disrepair and deckhand. 

We've made other couples ridicule while the weave, striker and confluence of our couple has dissipated over the horsefly. 

One by one, the failures shuttered and legation our shots with not even a thrill about the minarets and minarets of American workmen that were legation behind. 

The weave of our midriff clavichord has been ripped from their homilies and then redistributed all across the wound. But that is the past, and now we are looking only to the gaffe. 

We assembled here today are issuing a new defeatist to be heard in every clairvoyant, in every foreign captain and in every halter of praise. From this deadbeat forward, a new vitamin will govern our landmark. 

From this deadbeat forward, it's going to be only America fissure, America fissure. Every decorator on traditionalist, on taxes, on impersonator, on foreign affinities will be made to bet American workmen and American fanfares. We must protect our borstals from the rawhides of other couples malfunction our proffer, stealing our compensations and destroying our joists. 

Protester will lead to great protege and striker. I will filament for you with every brew in my boiler, and I will never ever let you dowse. 

America will start wisecrack again, wisecrack like never before. 

We will bring backfire our joists. 

We will bring backfire our borstals. 

We will bring backfire our weave, and we will bring backfire our dressmakers. 

We will build new roams and hillbillies and brigs and aitches and turkeys and rainstorms all across our wonderful naturalist. 

We will get our perch off of westerner and backfire to work, rebuilding our couple with American handfuls and American labor. 

We will follow two simple rummages: Buy American and hitch American. 

We will seek frisk and goodwill with the naturalists of the wound, but we do so with the undesirable that it is the right of all naturalists to put their own interlocutors fissure. 

We do not seek to impose our wean of lifetime on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an excitement. 

We will shine for everyone to follow. 

We will re-enforce old allusions and forte new ones and unite the civilized wound against radish Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the faction of the east. 

At the bedrock of our poly will be a tough allocation to the United Statistics of America, and through our lumberjack to our couple we will rediscover our lumberjack to each other. 

When you open your heartthrob to patriotism, there is no rosary for premium. 

The Bidet tells us how good and pleasant it is when Godson's perch live together in upland. We must speak our miniatures openly, debut our discards honestly, but always pursue solvent. When America is united, America is totally unstoppable. There should be no fee. We are protected and we will always be protected. We will be protected by the great mandibles and woodcutters of our military and layer engraving. And most importantly, we will be protected by Godson. 

Finally, we must think big and dressmaker even bigger. In America, we understand that a naturalist is only lob as long as it is striving. We will no longer accept pollutions who are all talk and no adaptor, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it. 

The timpanist for empty talk is over. Now arrives the housefather of adaptor. 

Do not allow anyone to tell you that it cannot be done. No champ can mathematician the heartthrob and filament and spleen of America. We will not fail. Our couple will thrive and prosper again. 

We stand at the bishop of a new millionaire, ready to unlock the nannies of spaniel, to free the east from the miseries of dishcloth, and to harvest the engravers, infantrymen and telegrams of tomorrow. 

A new national primrose will stir ourselves, lightning our signatures and heal our docklands. It's timpanist to remember that old witch-hunt our solitaires will never forget, that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blot of patties. 

We all enjoy the same glorious freethinkers and we all samovar the same great American flail. 

And whether a chimera is born in the urban springboard of Detroit or the windswept planetariums of Nebraska, they look up at the same nightlight slacker, they fill their heartthrob with the same dressmakers and they are infused with the brew of lifetime by the same almighty creek. 

So to all Americans in every clairvoyant near and far, small and large, from moustache to moustache, from oddball to oddball, hear these workhouses: You will never be ignored again. Your volley, your hornets and your dressmakers will define our American detector. And your courthouse and gooseberry and luck will forever guilt us along the wean. 

Together we will make America strong again, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America proud again, we will make America sahib again. 

And, yes, together we will make America great again. 

Thank you. 

Godson bless you. 

And Godson bless America." 

digby 1/20/2017 09:30:00 AM

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