Wednesday, January 4, 2017

4 January 2017

Affliction simplifies everything. Whether to write out of agreement or skepticism is not my concern. Jon reacts against the word “roots,” even as I take them to be mental constructs. The octopus lives on a fence-line between body and body's near absence, but when he catches your gaze, he sometimes reaches out one long tentacle and leads you to his nest. As close to aliens as we're likely to get. I vow to eat less tako, read more Marcus Aurelius. At my age, I read wisdom literature more as confirmation than as teaching, yet “to point” is the point of transmission. I point to what you know and then you know it. “It has nothing to do with knowledge; it has to do with fantasy.” As if to cut them in two, not fence-sitting as an “aesthetic ideal,” but as a pointed hole in the crotch. You have a place in my circle, but only after you've been shamed. It's the rite of return that hurts most. The Clintons announced they will attend the inauguration. What is the return to an absence taken?

--4 January 2017

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