Sunday, January 15, 2017

15 January 2017

Everything in creation is dependent on method. The ideological method posits we are ideas who walk on two legs and enter the department flashing footnotes on our foreheads. We enter a conversation whose limits have already been fixed and whose lexicon requires constant use, like a dog her walks. Another method argues that we hire persons, not ideas, that they are not, of necessity, the same thing, that we enter a conversation whose limits resemble an octopus's body. Shape shifting is possible, but more dangerous to the group with power. Some words go both ways, like terror” or “authority,” until you can't read them at all. Who can tell the performer from the play? This improvisation is such a clusterfuck, hopping tweet to tweet like a unicyclist between boulders. Some words are better than others because they walk on two feet and always mean what we say. We knew the man on the unicycle was talking about art, even if he did not. Something about it made us all laugh, save one.

--15 January 2017

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