Thursday, January 5, 2017

5 January 2017

False greatness must first be despised. She emerged from her Volcano garage behind a matted mutt, one small barrette buried in its fur. “49ers!” she called out, but it's STL. A city girl, she misses the sun and ocean, came home to care for her mother. Runs a grammar group on-line (“when you're feeble, Facebook's great for socializing”) and tells me the word she most loathes is “firstly.” I counter with “relatable.” Radhika said she noticed she'd used a singular noun with a plural verb, like all my students do. Fake arithmetic, it might be called, to go with our news. If you don't like it, pronounce it fake. Or, if you're fancy, call it post-fake. Glibly he says bigly, then shifts on a dime, though he hasn't spent one for decades. The next Secretary of State took a $180M severance package from Exxon. There is no original tweet; they're all copies. The koan shall be “intelligence.” I like it!

--5 January 2017

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