Friday, October 15, 2021

Pulu in fern crook


15 October 2021

Baseball and yoga

To watch and then to witness

Adrenaline: breath.

I do hate constraints

The “do” for syllable’s sake

Pulu in fern crook.

Somewhere between mist

And convulsive rain, jazz

Drummer on our roof.

Guess my password, I’ll

Guess yours; privacy inspires

Unpeeling, like skin.

One manager fired

“Philosophical difference

s," no kiss ass he.

Angel trumpet win-

dow, bee at its poisoned lip,

Buzzed out of lens’ reach.

Haiku fill up quick

With words like “filibuster”

Buster taught him Zen.

Sometimes practice is

So quick the mortgage on your

Enlightenment’s up!

The rain forest is

Not drum or saxophone, is

Self-erasing tears.

At 3 a.m. I

Want to cry, but Prozac says

There’s a happy drought.

Lilith pooped three times

I placed a leaf over one

Left the rest to rain.

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