Friday, October 22, 2021

At the volcano


22 October 2021

She said “he’s a bit

Of a Marxist,” at look-out;

Lava waterfalls

As dawn light filled up

Halema`uma`u’s cup

With a neutral tone

“Everyone’s son should

Be a bit Marxist,” I said,

As women walked out

To put haku lei

On rocks; hard to tell if they

Were practitioners

Or tourists, if their

Lei were authentic, or junk:

Western turn on awe-

Struck eyes, ritual as

Imitation of making

Pele offerings

“That was the old park-

ing lot,” he said of fallen

Shelf at crater’s left

Flank: product riven

From process, undoing to


Earth, and us, and fire

Starting where we end, tourists

Of immaterial

Being between us

And actual generation

“I won’t live so long.”

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