Friday, May 22, 2015


There is not a cold cup of water given to a disciple in the name of a disciple. These days you have to be rich to be one. Where's the efficiency in that line of work? Can you optimize your disciple-ship? Bring in a fancy shrink to show disciples how best to follow. Pretend you're at security, and then wait patiently at your gate. Heaven opens only if you follow the rubrics, including a sentence about your worthiness. And then you end up in disciple-housing, barely under the market value, in a holding pattern that lasts an after-lifetime. Disciple and punish, the philosophers call it. Look into the cat's eyeball, where venetian blinds cut a thousand lines in the sun. Soon enough, you'll forget your savior has no shoes.

--22 May 2015


Janet said...

I really like this! All the permutations of disciple (disciple housing, a specialty area in the realty market)

Karen said...

I love your first line, the cat's eyeball, the last line. It's hard to be a disciple these days: all our gods turn out to be made of tin.