Monday, May 11, 2015


They require it both by desert and desire. When privacy is corporate, we queer capital with photos of our mothers. She failed to see that others acted, too. Theirs was true happiness, while hers was posed. The last photo shows a lone woman on a bench. She was herself in another. Split screen inside the screen, as if this stillest of photos contained a plot. Radhika watches Columbo mostly for his Basset hound, who has no name. A rich artist, his grin crooked as his soul, kills his lover but loses the flower from his lapel. It's not suicide if the parrot dies.

--11 May 2015


Janet said...

Theirs must be true happiness? while hers was posed. I prefer It's not suicide to it's no suicide, & I would like to have that idea come in before the stillest of photos. More about the dog?

Karen said...

I like reading this one right after Sunday's poem - these poems definitely hold hands.

susan said...

Yes, Karen, I'm haunted by that photograph, the way it was taken twice, once by the woman on the bench and the other time by the woman who jumped.