Friday, May 1, 2015


But what creature could I desire to be which I am not made? His mother told him to throw away his grandpa's documents. There was a headless chicken trophy in his room, because it fell. He hid them in his closet, instead. Remember he said the first day that his grandpa grew chickens? To witness is to remember, but to forget is also witness. Spread white goo on one side of the page, then scrape it off. You can see through it. Forgetting is seeing through, the page on which you see no words but what lie beneath. He said he couldn't breathe; he said it again. She looked at the back of his motionless head and did nothing. Van is not guard, is chamber of torture, agent of rough rides. Who couldn't hear his failing breath as pain's vehicle? What is yours, on a scale of 1-10? (Peg it low.) If they get six runs, you get a free drink. If he strikes out one more time. Who was there to take his count, of pain or pulse? He couldn't speak because his voice box was crushed. May he have happiness and the causes of happiness. May we.

--1 May 2015

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