Monday, April 20, 2015


All transient things are permanent in God. Whether or not this is good news, I cannot say. It gets harder to meditate on the secular value of love when Tom's every sentence includes a higher power. Find and replace. God's farm team eats corn, plays sandlot ball, rides the bus. Was his high slide dirty? Is “dirty” not a strange word in this context? High spikes bite ankles, as kittens do. Their original sin is joy, not harm. His mother called the cops, as he was clutching his Bible and a knife. The cops shot him dead. A row of black men's faces stares at us in the stairwell. We do not see their mothers there. This is the last mistake you're allowed. Turn-about is not fair play, is not play. Dead serious is not a dead metaphor.

--20 April 2015

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