Friday, January 28, 2011


Namenda, 5 Mg tablet: Memantine [Namenda] is used to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Memantine is in a class of medications called NMDA receptor antagonists. It works by decreasing abnormal activity in the brain. Memantine can help people with Alzheimer's disease to think more clearly and perform daily activities more easily, but it is not a cure and does not stop the progression of the disease. 60 each. 9.00

Spiriva 18 Mcg Cp-Handihaler: SPIRIVA is a once-daily inhaled maintenance prescription treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a serious lung disease that includes chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both. SPIRIVA treats both conditions by opening narrowed airways. 30 each. 9.00

Alendronate Sodium 70 Mg Tab: Prophylaxis and treatment of female osteoporosis.
4 each. 3.00

Hcl 10 Mg Tab: Donepezil may improve the ability to think and remember or slow the loss of these abilities in people who have AD. However, donepezil will not cure AD or prevent the loss of mental abilities at some time in the future. 30 each. 3.00

Calcium 600 w/Vit D tab: Before you take calcium and vitamin D combination, tell your doctor if you have kidney disease, past or present kidney stones, heart disease, circulation problems, a parathyroid disorder, or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. 60 each. 7.10

Hct 80-12.5 Mg Tab: FDA has not concluded that ARBs increase the risk of cancer. The Agency is reviewing information related to this safety concern and will update the public when additional information is available. 30 each. 9.00

Losartan-Hctz 100-12.5 Mg Tab: Hypovolemia. Hepatic impairment. Severe CHF (with hypotension or excess volume depletion by overdiuresis). Diabetes. Renal artery stenosis. Asthma. Postsympathectomy. SLE. Gout. Monitor electrolytes. May interfere with parathyroid tests. Elderly. Pregnancy (Cat.C in 1st trimester). Nursing mothers: not recommended. 30 each. 3.00

Total due: 43.10


I am here to mourn memory. --Thomas DeBaggio, Losing My Mind

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