Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dementia Blogging, 1/14/11: Headlines

96 year old woman calls in death threat to federal judge from her nursing home bed; he leaves work early, deputy by his side

Man has violent argument with self in a mirror; tries to strangle caretaker

S says she has a home but does not know where it is; "can you tell me what I'm doing here?" she asks

96 year old woman calls her guardian to wish him a Merry Christmas, then adds, "but YOU people don't celebrate the birth of our Lord, do you?"

According to G, her sore knee is a mystery, because she has not been playing football lately

Get the retirement you deserve (the happiest times of our lives are with family and friends) by taking out a reverse mortgage

When the police ask her about her threat against the judge, the 96 year old woman says, "you bet I'll kill that son of a bitch!"

[with thanks to EW, Esq.]

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