Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dementia Blogging, 1/12/11

I can't imagine being home again but I hope to
Would you like to be my roommate,
I don't like living alone
I'll do the cooking; you can cut the grass.

We can both take a beauty nap.


But if you love someone
what they've been or done
in the past doesn't matter


1) G______

2) Bonanza episode, same as yesterday's


Alice Munro, "The Bear Came Over the Mountain":

"He asked about these affections between residents. Did they ever go too far?"


Where am I?
(You are at Arden Courts, in Fairfax, Virginia)

I just woke up from a dream.
It must be a dream, because I don't remember being here.


"You know the kind of man I am, Emily."

"I also know you are the kind man who wanted to marry me, Frank."


Who am I? Where am I? Who put me here?
(You are S. You are at Arden Courts. It was your son. He knows you're here.)

I'll wring his neck. (Makes the motion of wringing a cloth.)
I guess I'll just have to forgive him.

(Was he like this as a kid?)
When he was a kid, I could control him.
He's bigger than I am, but I'll wring his neck.

If che heard me calling him dat
che'd be so mad.


Liberator gave me back the freedom I had before
I used catheters.
Up to 200 disposable catheters per month!
Liberator Medical helped me get my life back.
The same will be true for you.


Me the angry rapper.
You the English language. (Demitri Martin)


Those cited by SOME people for saying CERTAIN things:
Is our political discourse too hot?
The fact that the question is being asked means


"Our prayers are being answered." (Mayor of Tucson)


Listen for the suspect's voice.
He pronounces his name for a judge.
He was quirky and weird, but very intelligent.
He was in a room alone, reading a dictionary.
He has many thoughts about grammar.
Perfect grammar throws off the tyrant.
Imperfect grammar, like his, induces lucid dreams.
The sky was orange and the trees were blue.


Stay tuned for real life pirates
and more on the tragedy in Tucson.


My mother has an odd strength, R says.
She was always hesitant and timid.
I have discovered a hidden strength in my mother.

He holds up Curious George pajamas he has hemmed for her.
He's learned to spot the small women's sizes, sometimes the large girl's.

B says he's got a better eye than the daughters.

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