Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NO CHEESE: June 1 in the Alzheimer's home

Monday. Common area: television, on. Music in background.

Act One: 10 a.m.

My mommy's having a baby! A baby, a baby, a baby!

G & P sit on the sofa.
P's eyes dark, deep, her face white as powder.
G has her head on P's right shoulder.

Look! Two babies. Twins! The babies, the babies, the babies!

"I can't hear a word you're saying."

"I said get out!"

"It's hard for her because she dddddd." [Hands flutter at waist]

P tries to stand up.
G tries to kiss her right arm.
P falls back.
They resume their position.

A vicious German defense brought the Allied advance to a halt at Casino.
People say I look 10 years younger; I look 10 years younger.

"Do you remember, World War II, mom?"

P begins to cry. She embraces K, who starts to take her for a walk.
"Where are your shoes? You need shoes to walk. You need to stop
crying or we can't go for a walk."

P & G resume positions on the couch.

I've been looking for a long time for someone to talk to and you're it because you can't understand one word I say to you. I want to talk about my girl back home. You I can tell the truth to

s s s s s s s - v v v v v v v v - s s s s
guh guh gonna go
There wasn't much time to think about women

P is cold, she's cold. She crosses her arms over pink & white striped blouse and a pink cross on a pink necklace. She wipes her cheeks on the bottom of her shirt.

"Marvelous! Good. Nothing." This woman, also in stripes, runs off with my mother's elbow straw from her can of Ensure. "How do you do your air?"

The luckiest people in the world

Act II: 4:30 p.m.

"Yer not talkin to yerself--I'm listenin'." [F to self]

Why oh why can't I
They love everyone but you on top of this f__ hill.

"She's a witch, I tell ya--that's what she is."

"Are you with the police again? Your mother asks me out for beers, but I think I'm too young for her. We had a luau the other day, the hula dancers had their tops on, very disappointing. When you go back to Hawai'i, send me a shrunken head, ok, but make sure the eyes are closed."

F: "He showed us that, I was wanting to go to the 5th floor; didn't know how to, must be the 1st floor where they cook stuff."

"They don't care about us."

"What's your first name?" Susan
"What's your name?" Susan
"Susan, and I still don't know it."
tangerine -- [gunfire] -- across the pond, yes she has
"Ruth, what is your name?"

"I'm Martha's daughter."
"I guess not."

"I'm going to do half a bugle,
Shiloh fast--
Is she going to win you, too?
But they'll be all right.
What we're going to do and have Ann's lot."


"They're all happy on this side
I got enough enough
Disquella, disk-la
That's the porty of the way."


"The name of the name of someone who is very cloned?
How is your doing?"

Mom: "don't bother me, don't bother me."

"Is your mom and dad doing it?"

"I'll make a noise."

J weeps over dinner. Her neighbor says:
"You're one of my favorite people."

"I lost my keys."
"That was peas, too."

"4 5 5 5 5 5
Her story is see you in a better place."

"You're the classiest gal in the whole world.
Don't be frightened."

Maybe this time I'll

"I want to go to the police
yes yes yes
to do something."

"Please don't throw us out.
Don't shut us off, please."

"I want to GET OUT,
what they're doing to me

ACT III: After dinner

"Have you heard the one about the mushrooms?"

"Have you heard the one about the two carrots?"


Anonymous said...

My mother also talked a lot about babies before she went into the home. She told me she was going to get a job working with babies. I had forgotten that. Thank you for giving me back that memory.

susan said...

actually, those babies came from Dora the Explorer, which was on tv. But the mix of voices all seemed "demented." So yes. aloha, sms