Sunday, June 27, 2010

Memory Card, Maui

The girls in Pukalani are beautiful, really beautiful, but they hold up their arms and the hair goes all the way down like this. The large-bellied granite contractor holds his right arm up, points underneath. Maui's economy better; he's been working overtime. Soccer's a poor person's sport; they've got to be hungry. Before penalty kicks, the goalie wept. That's not defense; you gotta front 'em! The man with the big Bud beside the pool adopted his daughter. Doesn't know what to tell her about the Catholic church. Hates hypocrites. Flew cargo planes, but never to Nepal. I don't need a room; I could sleep in the jungle; the room's for her. Michael Jordan told him he couldn't even take his kids to the park. She slept in the same bed with him until she was eight, but now she wants her privacy. We can't just keep printing money. That's his idea; he doesn't listen to the radio. For the soccer dads, the aquarium is an economy; they sort the eating fish from those that taste bad. That one cost $45 dollah Foodland. Wonder what happened to that kid on the surfboard who was speared by a fish. Hit him in the chest, brah. Ho, he was in a Zodiac when one of those fish started circling. Turn off the lights! She was a funny girl: Dawn remembers her classmate, the famous writer. Always saying odd things, like today we're counting arm pit hairs—22 on the right and 20 on the left.

--27 June 2010

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