Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day at the Alzheimer's Home

[on television around the corner from the lunch room: The Devil's Brigade]

The speaker of most lines is an old woman with a New England accent. There is music in the background.

"I want to see my two younger rooms."

"You wouldn't expect her to pick your feet, would you?"

"Everyone has feelings."

"Just forget it!"

"My place--there--they didn't give you--gauze--because she didn't really want to do it--maybe it was her daughter--which would be who--give it all back to her and . . . house, yeah, had it described, especially."

"I think legally they can't do that."

P enters on the arm of a social worker. P's face is blue, her shirt is blue. P still moans, though more quietly than last time. The swelling's gone down, I'm told. Are you upset about something, the social worker asks her, after they sit at the window.

"Every boy that you are."

Don't eat the ice. She eats the ice. Moves a cube from one plastic glass to another, her fingernails pink, like mom's. Her neighbor who doesn't speak indicates there's something wrong. She pushes back the table cloth, lifts her glass, tries to place it in her neighbor's bowl of pear slices.

"Candy. We've been a single and a diamond. Have to get a new job. A sensitive person. They have squares and they have one place to another."

Children. Children who need other children. And yet letting our grown up pride. Like children.

"That jacket, 12, try to change, 18 is it?"

People who need people are the luckiest people in the world. One very special person, your soul, half and now you're whole, the luckiest people in the world.

"Look over that car talking."


I'm in love again and the feelings. Yes. And I know what to do.

"Pay for it--cash.
Another one she did. I know she made she seemed to travel 7. Yes she said, just the one."

My love went to London, left not returned, I'm going to London.

"The first guy. After I, you were, yes I was surprised.
Avoid 5.
1, 2, and then oy 5.
They get I don't"

There's a story told
To love
easy to learn women promise
She never sighed or cried.

Think so I put that on before I finished it
Her engine and I think it's moving" (regards sweet potato from above, below).

Every rolling stone
Home sweet home

I'm a rolling stone until today

"That's what it was they, they told her
We did we saw it
8 books 8 hours the time we spent.
They were forced to visit
50 of age."

Railroad track
Taken on back
Why did I decide to go?

Mrs. L is Korean, translated from Japanese, lived in China. Speaks no language now. Her son a doctor, comes on the weekends, not this one.


"Sadie's pastor.
Werner's yeah."


God bless the child that's got his own.

"I haven't got a pan.
If I can get in 6 towns.
By color except by or black
I know she think she had her
(laughs) came up & says"

Something's bound to begin

I remember
My mother was at Anzio.

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