Wednesday, July 16, 2014

mem card: "pain's roulette": 16 july

All my life false and real. The letter she sent was based on fiction, but it bore consequences. I'm bored, my kids tell me. To bear is to bore as to flow is to flown, conjugation as shotgun wedding. There was hardly any ground on which to make their film; there's surfeit of meaning in Israel/Palestine. How do we lend quiet to their stones, their walls, their pain's roulette? A factory near here makes samsara souvenirs. They're usually on sale: five for the price of four. Put them on your shelf at home and listen to John Zorn saxophone or the blare of air raid sirens. Each kit comes without shelter, without cork to keep the memories out. What it offers is lines and line extensions. Get on your hands and knees and set them down, inch by hard inch. Lines forget circles forget the dull refrains.

                                                          --16 July 2014

"All my life": Dogen
John Zorn: thinking of this.

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