Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The trainer

If she were to buy another place, she'd want to see sunsets. She can see them from high points, even on the east side. There's a creeper at the gym where she works. "Who's that?" asked a client, who is otherwise "very political." She asks him about his grandkids, the weather, anything to get him off (I presume) Trump. But even he was freaked out by the creeper, who leaned into their session. "What's he doing?" She keeps her old boyfriend's photo on her phone. He might move here, but can't keep up the long distance. Some guy saw his photo and sashayed by; another nearly fell backwards when he spotted the ring she wears on her left fourth finger. But the creeper doesn't care. She can't look at him or he might think she's interested. She loves her place. Could use a renter. Can't advertise, though, because people would know she lives alone.

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