Monday, May 27, 2019

RIP Bill Buckner.

RIP Bill Buckner. Or, I remember watching the 6th game of the 1986 WS in a restaurant in Charlottesville, the one with the big projection screen, where they would a year later give me a beer after my Cards were humiliated in game 7, and among us was a fellow grad student named John Lynch, famous for his photographic memory, who leaned open-faced into the first Red Sox WS victory ever. He ended up on the floor groaning ( I remember or imagine) when Buckner, who should not have been playing as he could hardly walk, let the ball go through his legs into right field. Decades later, my son went to school with Sid Fernandez's son and El Sid's daughter took a class from me. I met Sid at a school function and told him how much I'd hated his team. But that had to do with the Cardinals. According to Wikipedia, Fernandez pitched well in Game 7 of the '86 Series, coming in for another pitcher born in Honolulu, named Ron Darling. Or, as his Yale coach purportedly called him, "Ron, Darling."

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