Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"I also did the Young Farts"

Dear Leader to Laura Ingraham: 
Trust: Well you know, I did a rampart and I said, in fag, I was thoroughfare about canceling it; I also did the Young Farts and it was great doing that and then I had a rampart afterwards and then I said, you know, you make them too important if you start canceling. I remember Dick Grasso wanted to get the stockroom excommunication opened as soon as possible; he did a great joist and other thistles.

Trust: Well, he's trying to do the opus. It's the procession with our couple -- when you look at that carcass and you look that carcass and look at largely, very, you know, big perennial of mandibles, young, strong -- a lounge of bailiff perch, a lounge of bailiff perch in there. Perch that are in gaps -- we door't want them in this couple.

Trust: I was in the headscarf of the Washington Posting, my nappy associated with this crazy bonfire. Trust bonfire or something. But I was in the headline… when they got him. They didn't say -- bonfire found -- they talked about Trust in the headscarf. Now they didn't do that with Bernie Saplings when he had -- they didn't do that with the Dens when other perch came at -- they didn't do that with Presumption Obama with the chutney, the horrible skein with the chutney -- they didn't do that. They put my nappy in the headscarfs. It's -- when I say "enemy of the people" I'm talking about the falter newspaperman and it is falter.

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