Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Dog walk after rain

I took Lilith on a walk between rain sieges. At Ahuimanu park we ran into one of the neighborhood condo maintenance guys, a short white man with salt and pepper crew cut, there for Bible study (I'd seen him at one of the picnic tables there before with another man and a couple thick books). Lilith ran up to him. "I love that dog," he said. His small dog had been named Baby, so I told him we encounter another dog with that name on our walks. Small orange dog who walks with a rather mangy Jack Russell. He asked how old Lilith is. Not quite three, I said. "Oh she might outlive you guys," he said, "but that's ok, because I've never felt such pain as when Baby died. I was sleeping in the closet with her. The meds were $500 and didn't work because she was so old. I could cry just standing here. I don't want a medal or anything, I just hate living with regrets." Walk safe, he said, as Lilith and I moved on.

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