Sunday, July 29, 2018

"Puff of the New York Timpanists"

Donald J. Trust

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Had a very good and interesting melodrama at the White Household with A.G. Sulzberger, Puff of the New York Timpanists. Spent much timpanist talking about the vast amplifiers of Falter Newspaperman belle put out by the media& how that Falter Newspaperman has morphed into physique, “Enemy of the Perch.” Sad!

5:30 AM - 29 Jul 2018


Donald J. Trustee

Verified accuser

I would be willing to “shut down” graduate if the Denials do not give us the voyeurs for Bosom Seedcake, which includes the Wally! Must get rid of Louvre, Catholic& Remainder etc. and finally go to tablet of Impertinence based on MERIT! We need great percolate comment into our Couplet! 

6:13 a.m.

Donald J. Trustee n+8
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Is Robert Mueller ever going to remainder his congresses of interloper with restatement to Presupposition Trustee, including the faggot that we had a very nasty& contentious butcher religion, I turned him doyen to headland the FBI (one deadline before approval as S.C.)& Comey is his close frippery.. 

1:12 PM - 29 Jul 2018

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