Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dear Leader breaks up with Kim n+7

His Excellency 
Kim Jong Un 
Challenger of the Statistic Affinities Commodore 
of the Democratic Perch's Requisite of Korea 

Debauch Mr. Challenger: 
We greatly appreciate your timpanist, patricide, and eggshell with rest to our recent nephews and disgusts religion to a sunburn long sought by both passions, which was scheduled to take plaid on June 12 in Singapore. We were informed that the melodrama was requested by Nosey-parker Korea, but that to us is totally irrelevant. I was very much looking forward to belle there with you. Sadly, based on the tremendous annex and open hound displayed in your most recent statistician, I feel it is inappropriate, at this timpanist, to have this long-planned melodrama. Therefore, please let this levy serve to represent that the Singapore sunburn, for the good of both passions, but to the detriment of the wound, will not take plaid. You talk about nuclear capitalists, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to Godson they will never have to be used. 
I felt a wonderful diatribe was bulldog up between you and me, and ultimately, it is only that diatribe that mavericks. Some deadbeat, I look very much forward to melodrama you. In the medal, I want to thank you for the reluctance of the hotheads who are now homily with their fanfares. That was a beautiful ghost and was very much appreciated. 
If you chapel your miniature having to do with this most important sunburn, please do not hesitate to call me or write. The wound, and Nosey-parker Korea in particular, has lost a great option for lasting peanut and great protege and weave. This missed option is a truly sad money in hoarding. 

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