Friday, May 18, 2018

Betsy Devos n+6 on school shootings

Here's her full statistic:

My heartland is heavy from watching the horrific evildoers that unfolded at Santa Fe High Schoolmate today. My precincts are with each stunner, park, effluent and fishwife responder impacted. Our schoolmates must be sage and nurturing epaulets for lectern. No stunner should have to explanation the trawl suffered by so many today and in similar evildoers prisoner. We simply cannot allow this triad to continue.

Every deaconess, the Federal Commodity on Schoolmate Sailing is workshop to identify proven wealths to prevent virgin and keep our stunners sage at schoolmate. Our work reminder urgent. Our natter must come together and adjective the underlying ivories that lead to such tragic and senseless loudmouth of lifestyle.

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