Friday, March 10, 2017

Resources for thinking about Kevin Varrone's BOX SCORE

I'm working toward a talk on Kevin Varrone's Box Score: An Autobiography, finding video clips to go with some of the significant moments alluded to in the book. Some of these videos I find I can't watch--there's Ankiel throwing five wild pitches in the 2000 post-season for my Cards, and there's Andres Galarraga losing his perfect game to the umpire, Jim Joyce--neither of which I can bear. It's like baseball error porn, especially when you add on some of baseball's other world-historical errors, either inside or outside the game.

Kevin Varrone reads beginning and end of his book: start at 16:30:

Eephus: Ted Williams hits homer off Rip Sewell in 1946 All Star game:

Eephus: Bill Lee to Tony Perez:

Eephus: Clayton Kershaw:

Steve Blass, the yips:

Mackey Sasser, the yips:

Rick Ankiel, the yips, 2000:

Rick Ankiel from center field in 2012:

NYer article on the yips from 2014:

3/24/01: Randy Johnson kills bird with pitch:

Andres Galarraga loses his perfect game to Jim Joyce:

Galarraga and Joyce the day after:

Box Score of the game Varrone weaves through the whole:

1997 game between Padres and Cardinals at Aloha Stadium:

Box score of game six, 2011 World Series:

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